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Hand is getting thinner and numb


My hand is getting numb and thin day by day. I can see the difference between my left and right hand. I can't lift any heavy things, I can't control my fingers, can't hold pen or button the shirt with right hand.

I have lost the strength of right-hand, my right hand is getting thinner and numb. I consulted doctor and I was undergoing shock treatment and physio exercise of my hand, but nothing made the difference. I am 62 years old and do not have any other decease or addiction.

Kindly tell me what could be the problem ?

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🙂 Many of us suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy, this can effects hands. It becomes difficult to have control when grasping something with your hands, particularly small objects. Some people have Sensory problems, and are unable to recognise the sensation of touching something.

Noticing a distinct difference in size between hands is not something I recall being discussed in relation to ataxia, but that’s not to say it hasn’t actually happened. And, there’s always the possibility the problem could be related to something else. Maybe a second opinion could help 🤔

You could try typing specific words like Peripheral Neuropathy, and Numbness, in the search box above, links to previous discussions will be shown 🙂

If physio hasn’t helped, has occupational therapy been offered 🤔 xB


Actually physio has helped, earlier I was not able to move my fingers or I could not hold small things, I was referred to physio after about six months of exercise my fingers have improved, but I noticed my hand started getting thinner and it lost the strength. Now I can not lift my suitcase with that hand. Anyway I am not good with medical terminology. I have got the appointment with neurologist next Monday. Fingers crossed.


My hands and writing are dreadful but like anything ataxic unfortunately you need to practise, even if frustrating.I try to write and a stress ball helps me .

Good luck x


my writing is dreadful, great for keyboards :)


Hi Devenk, my hands are going thin and weak too, you can see all my knuckle bones sticking out. I do not know the cause of mine and today I have noticed swelling in between my knuckles on my hand but not my fingers, sure I am not sure what it is all about, most annoying. I will have to ask my doctor if she listens that is.

All the best



If your doctor does not listen, then DUMP them. find someone else quickly


Please see doctor, blogs are fine but not for diagnosis :(


Do you have pins and needles in the thumb, index and middle fingers of your right hand? If you do then, like my husband you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


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