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Hi All, Stu Again.

Does anyone find their Ataxia effects sleep or memory. I am tired all the time and go to sleep during the day as I am too tired to concentrate. In fact concentration is hard full stop.

Also, I have bad short term memory and have been referred by my neurologist to a specialist team to be assessed.

Are these symptoms common ?


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  • The sleep is I get some days where I get out of bed eat breakfast and then Im asleep again and some days are worse than others I seem to wake for an hour then drift off again ,not so much memory loss but more lack of concentration on these days . It best just to listen to your body and sleep when you get a better day try some memory games or crosswords to help with lack of memory I tend to try sudokos crosswords and play games on facebook to keep memory going hope this helps Linda

  • Amongst other things I have urinary tract disfunction/urgency Prescribed tolterodine



  • Hi Stu, I find that I am tired 70% of the time . I do find I have memory problems but it's my long term memory that seems to be affected.

  • Hi Stu

    Yes my brother suffers from poor sleep patterns which are topsy turvey sleeps during day and awake at night. And the usual symptoms balance and vision like your self. Sharon

  • Hi. I try not to sleep during the day as this disturbs my sleep at night but i do make sure i have plenty of sleep at night (10/11 hrs) otherwise i can't function.

    My short term memory isn't great now but this may be down to age & not working too (not just ataxia). I exercise my brain by doing word searches & brain training games via apps. Researchers have proved that challenging the brain is beneficial.

    Exercising my body within my capabilities helps me too (& safely). I limit stress also as much as possible😅

  • Hi,

    I guess you are not alone, me too. I sleep and wake up every 2 hours, go to the loo n times and am forgetting lots of things. I forgot to switch off the stove and iron a few times. Now I leave reminders and double check everything.

  • Dear Stu, In my humble opinion, sleep, concentration and short-term memory are effected by ataxia. I have sleep apnea and use a C-Pap machine (positive airway pressure) when I sleep. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at the same time ataxia, My neurologist said many people who have ataxia also have sleep apnea, he doesn't know why. A couple years ago, I put my cell phone in the fridge. Didn't find it until it rang...,ha! My best to you..., ;o)

  • Welcome

    Oh yes. I get so tired and I always have a 1-2hrs nap every afternoon. Also if you have a busy day accept that the next you will need a day to recover.

    Memory is awful. I write stuff down (have trouble reading what I wrote!) and have a great husband who I email a lot because also my speech is not good so he phones for me x

  • Indeed. My difficulties in sleeping at night began not long before my ataxia was diagnosed. In addition almost any physical activity either tires or exhausts me. Its getting worse. As the ataxia progresses so my fatigue increases. Most afternoons I have a comatose hour. Its very depressing mainly because like many others I need activity to maintain any psychological buoyancy. As far as memory goes ..... what was I saying ....Zz Zz....... Zzzzzzz Piero

  • Strange, my memory is affected. Seeing Professor in November, so I must ask him (think I'de better write it down). Ha ha

    I'm tired most of the time, sometimes I take a nap.

    Keep positive


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