Almost fell down

I seemed to be unable to get my footing yesterday. Didn't go out at all, tired and unsteady, but my balcony is once again, usable. I thought I'd do some potting. But as I stepped out (hanging onto the door handle) my right leg gave way at the knee and I went down. Shoe came off and I managed to straighten myself up and pull on the settee back into the flat. This has never happened to me in the past. Is this the beginning of additional downhill journey I wonder.


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  • The first time my thigh gave way I and I fell into the car I felt the same like you but thank god when I got out the car I was back to my previous walk/gait. Yes it is frightening and since then I have had similar experiences but I do not think about it anymore.

    I hope this helps

  • The only way to stop this is to strengthen the muscles. My ankles, knees, hips all give way regularly. The only way to stop them is to excercise to build strength!!! But yes it's frightening

  • Hi

    Don't lose heart - I hope you didn't hurt yourself? It's my left leg that doesn't behave itself and my ankle gives up. You'll have good days and bad days. X

  • Thanks Staggy, The reason I was surprised by this 'near fall' was because it's my left leg that's the weak one. Why did the right leg give way. Well, I've been lucky so far. Able to get out and about most days. Enjoying my mid day nap to give me a boost. These odd moments are bound to happen sooner or later.


  • Dear Jean,

    Don't look at this as another negative step, but say: " oh I need to strengthen this leg a bit more!" My ankles and knees sometimes give in, but I atend not to see it as another step towards dependency, but as another area to work on. I rub those joint creams and seems to help together with my cycling. Donot focus on a difficult future but on any achievement.

    All the best


  • Thank you Isabel, you have a good attitude

  • Thank you to everyone who replied to this posting. I picked up some good hints, but most of all realise that I am by no means alone with the unsteady walking and lack of balance. I fell last October, dislocated my shoulder,broke my arm and tore ligaments. Brilliant surgeon and physiotherapist, but they will not allow me to walk with the Zimmer lest I fall again. Desperate to get back on my hind legs and be more independent again.

    Have had ataxia type 6 for about 25 years. Gets slowly worse of course, but talking to other ataxians helps. I also get a million laughs from this disease .

    I do not drink alcohol by choice and have nothing against those who do, but I am always the one who staggers out of the pub when we go to one!


  • My knees give out, at times, like that, but I believe, in my case it is severe arthritis. The Orthopedic doctor says I need knee replacements. I, also, have Ataxia, and lose my balance, sometimes. Additionally, I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, so that doesn't help my walking, either.

  • AT some point a 3/4 wheeled walker will help outside. You might want to prepare for that day. Collapsible with brakes and a seat and basket, at the right height. Collapsible so you can get it into a car. Right height so no stooping.


  • Hi there! I'm 57 and believe it or not affected with some of those same symptoms, yes sometimes we have strange days of walking fine then with me my right leg gets tired and numb and I can't move! The neurologist diagnose June 2014 was MS-Relapse and Ataxia in the right leg So I just stop and rest, I use the little push roller walker with the seat attached so I can sit at any time, Yay I encourage you to do some type of simple exercise to work the muscles a little, I go to an exercise class twice a week and have a trainer for our class, we do some of the machines and it has really helped with strengthening my legs and arms. You just take it slow and do what you can when you feel like it okay. Are you taking any vitamins? Well that Vitamin D-3 and B-12 works wonders for me. Also investigate the tea for Immune system health, Echinacea Plus is a good one. I pray that you do well and increase in strength with muscle coordination

  • Thank you for writing to me, you know everybody writes about 'seeing their neurologist' on and off. But I don't have one. Long time ago I went to the neuroscience clinic but never got a good check-up. In fact the doctor could have been a GP.

    5 years ago I went into A & E with acute vertigo (I was told) but 6 weeks later after 3 weeks walking with a stick around the wards, I was discharge with a diagnosis of cerebellum ataxia. And that was the end of it all. How does everybody get attached to a good neurologist?

  • I think I hit reply too soon! I used to take B12 and felt much better but then like most everything else, just let it slide....

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