Well good morning everyone.

I've been trying to get our lovely gardening done and dusted all week oh what fun. Not!! Don't get it wrong I love gardening when it's all done as I have raised beds, all flat for my rollator or wheelchair and I love it. Patio, decking, comfy seating, barbecue area, twinkling lights, palms etc, so then, hubby decided we needed a jet wash.

So, gardens almost done and ready for planting, the best bit as far as I'm concerned.

Out comes the 2500 turbo machine.

Man with power tool 😳😳😳😳😳

First he attacked the decking which I must say I was impressed so long as he followed the grain. OH NO he decided that he would use it as a huge pen and write C**k in huge letters across the grain. Bad move. So he spent nearly all day getting it off. He made so much mess we were back where we started.

So, decking done, mess tidied up, cuppa.

3.30pm and no 1 son turns up. Ooh, spies the new jet wash n decided the patio could do with a spruce up.

So, starts off ok until he hits a bit of the grouting. Needless to say within an hour, every bit of concrete grouting was blasted into oblivion.

So off they go and buy sand and cement and there we are at 6 pm mixing cement and regrouting the patio. Thank God we've had super weather in the south.

I was so stressed 😩 then no 1 son decided that at 52 it's about time I learned to be a bricklayer and learn to lay cement.

I was so wound up at this stage but I caved in and I must say that after a while of pointing, I was totally destressed and I loved it, so therapeutic and I did it sitting on the floor. I had to be forcibly removed as it was getting dark but they promised I could do it again today. So excited but I ache like you wouldn't believe.

But, I'm so chuffed that I gave it a go and it shows I can still contribute and learn new things however as you can see from my legs it's extremely messy.

So, anyone suffering stress and anxiety, cementing and pointing is the answer.

The garden is a mess but when it's done my patio will look amazing 😉 😎😎😎😎 and I can take the credit.

Bloody men and power tools!!!!

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  • Back to basics, messing about with sand😉

    😂Isn't it strange, the things that destress us. For me, it's weeding and generally 'snipping' in the garden.😂

    When our patio was laid, something went wrong, and it wasn't 'sealed' properly, or whatever the term is😏 I can weed it to my hearts content. We have a cat, so the idea of spraying is contentious. It should really be regrouted adding cement.

    Sitting, or kneeling doesn't work for me🙄 But, once I'm bent over, and supported, the job is manageable👍 Standing back up is another story😱