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Good Morning to all Ataxians  08 Jan 2017 :-)

Good Morning to all Ataxians  08 Jan 2017 :-)

Good Morning all… I’m going to keep my ‘good morning prose’ very short this morning as it was yesterday afternoon before I finished saying Good Morning… confused, yeah, so am I – on to today’s itinerary:

1.Wish Good Morning to my fellow Ataxians.

2.Respond to other responses – jeez, ah get worse as the day goes on too.

3.Air whatever other daftness which enters my head…

4.I forget what 4 is, so I’ll move on to the finally…

Today’s Joke

(my jokes are directly related to problems I have and not meant to trivialise the symptoms but to direct defiance in the form of humour at them).

Keep Taking the Medicine

Patient: Doctor, It's been a month since my last appointment and I still feel like crap.

Doctor: Mmm, Did you follow the instructions on the medicine I gave you?

Patient: Yes I did Doctor – it said on the bottle ‘keep tightly closed’ and I did.

He he…Two smileys for that one I think.

That’s it for now folk & Take Care… Cubby

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Thanks CubbySnr, you've made me giggle again. You're a tonic, slimline of course!! (with no gin unfortunately, doesn't seem to suit me anymore) trying to keep my sense of humour, hard when my days at the moment seem full of not being able to do the things I used to do, I'm trying to think of things I can do. Mmmm knitting for prem babies I think, use up all my spare wool. Thanks for your positivity.

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You're very welcome paullymaie-

I'm beginning to enjoy this site but I have to confess my puzzlement at the strange array of screen names?

Wasn't "paully" Rocky's Manager in the Rocky films? Mind you, It could be a nickname for Pauline or sumpthin... :-)

Anyway, that is the way... be positive, get the knittin needles oot and get productive - it will take the edge of some of your current woes :-)

Take care... Cubby.

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It takes me ages to type things too, have to check and edit. Great ide about mug shots', bot how?


Hi Fay... yeah the typing can be tiring but keep at it cos it's good to be able to communicate with folks on here.

As for putting a mug shot up - try and follow the steps listed below

How to post a photie of yourself...

1/ Look up to the top of your screen (next to "HEALTH UNLOCKED") mouse click on the down arrow next to your moniker (flawlessfayx) and choose “Profile”.

2/ that will take you to your personal Home page:

Now, mouse click on the “Edit profile” button (over to the upper right of your screen)

3/ you will now see your edit profile screen:

Now – On the upper portion of your screen you should see an “Upload” button to the left of screen (the other “Upload Image” centre screen Top can be ignored).

Mouse Click on the left “Upload” button

This opens a File Selection Dialog where you would navigate to the file location of your picture.

Select Your Picture file and then click “Save” that is if you’re happy with the picture.

4/ before you leave that screen/page – scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save changes” button or cancel… whichever.

Good Luck and, hopefully, see you soon – Take care… Cubby.


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