Channel 4 property series- Best Of Both Worlds

Channel 4 property series- Best Of Both Worlds

Hi All,

Hope you are as well as can be!

I am part of the team behind Channel 4's property show Best of Both Worlds. The show is presented by Lucy Alexander. We are searching for House Hunters all over the UK to take part.

Best of Both Worlds helps House Hunters find the home that offers them the perfect balance between the buzz of the city and bliss of the countryside.

I am reaching out to you as we really want to make sure the people we cast are as diverse as our society. I myself suffer with a disability and feel people with disabilities need to be seen more on screen. I hope that by following stories of people searching for a home it will also raise awareness of the challenges living with a disability causes.

If you are looking to move home you can contact the Best of Both Worlds team at:



2 Replies

  • Im not in the UK but I like the idea and wish more realtors would pay attention to those with disabilities

  • It's not easy finding the right place to live when you have a disability. Size, location etc are very important. House moves are expensive and tiring, so obvious mistakes are best avoided 😏

    This seems a useful programme, hopefully it will hi-light potential pitfalls.

    Personally, I feel there aren't enough bungalows being built these days. I suppose the 'lack of brown field sites' for much needed housing, makes this type of property 'unrealistic' because bungalows generally need a larger plot, if you want more than a shoe box😉xB

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