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Amino Acids, fatigue and Nitric Oxide

Hi all

Like most of you guys with Ataxia, I suffer from Fatigue. It's ever-present and despite being in a wheelchair, I consider fatigue to be my biggest limiter.

I've been looking at Amino Acid supplementation as a way to widen veins and increase blood flow, thereby reducing fatigue. It's very common with Athletes and weight trainers. It's perfectly natural and essential for good health. For the most part, our diet supplies them.

The trouble is Amino Acids increase Nitric Oxide in the Brain which can be very good or very bad.

Does anyone use Amino Acids for whatever reason (they have multiple benefits) ?

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I didn't know any of this...worn a hole in my duvet with restless legs! I'll follow with interest, thanks


This is one for the doctor/consultant to clarify with you as you may not be doing the best thing by taking them without supervision.


I have both Ataxia and Sleep Apnea. My doctor said that both illnesses could be contributing to my fatigue. Since Sleep Apnea is easier to treat than Ataxia, he suggested that I bring my Sleep Apnea under control before I come to any conclusion about how much of my fatigue is being caused by my Ataxia. Since Sleep Apnea is most prevalent in persons over 50 who are overweight, it seems to be likely that a fairly large number of people suffer from Sleep Apnea, most of which are probably unaware of their problem. So, I am just wondering if it might not be likely that some persons with Ataxia who feel extremely fatigued might have overlooked being tested for Sleep Apnea. What do you think?


Next time I see my GP I'll see if it's a possibility


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