Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair

Northeast Mobility Solutions Ltd are coming to my house next Thursday to let me view one of their Electric Wheelchairs. Spoke to a very nice gentleman on the phone today - no pressure to buy which is what I like.

Electric wheelchair will give more independence and save money on taxis going to doctors. Plus I`ll be able to visit my local shops more often and not have to depend on others. I`m getting excited just thinking about it and my fingers are going crazy hitting the wrongs keys - taking me ages to type this :-)

I woke up this morning all aches and pains.....but now I feel as happy as a young matelot going home on leave after a long voyage.

Hope you all have had a nice day - and did not suffer too much.

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  • Hi John-H!

    Exciting news, it'll be like zipping around in a sports car!

    Nice pic, I don't fancy trying to climb into the hammock,

    does it make you yen for the high seas? xB

  • As for the electric wheelchair............................well the doctor has put the brakes on that (excuse the pun).

    He is worried about the blackouts I have and so..........................me + electric wheelchair + outside on my own, well it don`t mix. So until they can control it, it the electric wheelchair has been put on hold :-(

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