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Like the new site but where have they all gone?

I see the site has undergone a few changes whilst I`ve been away - not bad at all :-)

But a few people are missing - in hospital like me or otherwise indisposed, nothing too bad I hope?

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It seems since the 'new' website went live no-one has been using it much. There have been a few issues with logging on, etc. but it seems to have settled down now. I hope you are feeling better after your recent hospital admission and stay.



Hello Tiggywinkles. One step at a time, but I`ll get there, you take also :-)


Ooops - I missed out the "care"


Can`t see any problems so far, and I will be staying I can assure you on that :-)


I am really pleased you are staying John! As I said to Heather in another post, keep posting!



Hello Harry B,

I`m pleased that your pleased and all that Jazz, play a bit of New Orleans Music to get in the mood and have a great day :-)


I'm back on. I like the site too. Better than before anyway.


Rock on Iain


Hi John H, I was on vacation for three weeks (I live in the States) so wasn't posting. When I returned home, I hadn't received any emails to respond to from this site. I correspond with a few people in the UK, and heard there was a new format along with a few bugs. So I waited it out and today, I finally received emails again. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it...,ha! Now that I'm able to post again, I like the new site. I consider myself "technically challenged" so change takes me a while to get the hang of! Hope you are feeling better each day since your hospital stay! ;o)


Well hello to you february, all the way over the pond in the USA :-)

Visited most of the east coast of your country back in the 70`s whilst serving aboard the mighty Ark. Must say we were welcomed with open arms, loved Norfolk.

It`s not so much that I`m technically challenged, my problem is...............there is a union dispute going on between my brain and my fingers. The brain sends the signal but the fingers still want to negotiate and refuse to hit the correct keys, which means I have type even slower than normal and sends me nuts :-)


Hi Again John H, I hear you in terms of the "union dispute" between your brain and fingers! i particularly have that problems with writing/printing, used to be pretty decent...,not so much anymore...,ha! I keyboard with just my index fingers, albeit slowly! In fact, while I'm on the subject, many parts of my body (arms /legs, etc) have a mind of their own with ataxia...,ha! Drive me crazy (nuts) too! Sorry to carry on with this rant, although I do feel better now! So glad you had a positive experience of the East coast. Yes, Norfolk, Virginia is lovely! I live in Michigan, the mitten state with the UP (upper peninsula) surrounded by the Great Lakes. I visited England a few years ago..., lovely country!!! In fact, my moms whole family was born in England (Plymouth), except my mom, as she was born here in Michigan. Some relatives of ours recently came from across the pond to visit...,delightful! ;o)


Hi John-H and February!

I totally agree with the brain and fingers dispute! I have to

admit to be technically challenged. My husband gave

me his old i-phone to get to grips with before I change my

phone. I hate manuals/instruction books, so I hope there's

plenty of practical instruction available!xBeryl


Hello wobblybee, hope you are keeping well :-)

My rollator today decided to do an emergency stop full brakes and everything - it was a full Laurel & Hardy time. I`m always worried about using the thing anyway and today I was justified. I don`t know what happened, but crash, wallop, bang, thud, floor and body met at full break neck speed and it....................really, really, really, hurt.

All I could think of was going back to hospital, something I did NOT want to do :-{

Took All my strength to get back onto my bed - luckily I have a electric bed and able to lower it to floor level.

Fell like I`ve been hit by a truck.

It`s bad enough having to drink my cup of tea through a straw because left part of may mouth/face has no feeling and I dribble and now this.

I`m going to end up looking like a meccano set :-) :-) :-)

Anyway, August tomorrow. Football will be back on TV soon, Hoooorrrraaaayyyyy :-)


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