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Tips on pc dificulty

jom50 asked about this but to get it at the top of the pile I am putting it here as it may help others

on sites that do not pose a security risk [no card details ect] bookmark them after you log in then if you don't log out on leaveing them the bookmark should take you straight in.

the outher tip is use a cheap usb flash drive to store your usernanes and passwords in a word document, dead usefull if like meyou can't read your own writeing you could store the document onyour desktop but I don't know what the security risk would be

these tips are given honestly but I acept NO responsability I just use them myself and hope to help others

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Remembering passwords etc can be a real pain, for me anyway! Yesterday I almost

got locked out of the system using my credit card. I use the same one all the time and

thought the pin no. was imprinted in my brain, well what's left of it. I entered three digits,

then froze convinced I'd done something wrong, after another attempt my husband had

to save the day with his card.

We were grocery shopping and moved on to the next place where I tried my card again,

forgetting about the 3rd attempt lockout. There was a problem as soon as I entered the

card in the machine, the cashier took it out and gave it a good rub on her overall, I used

the same pin no. as before, and it worked!


It really is worth while considering using password software. There are several different ones available and most have free trial versions available.

The one I use costs very little - $9.95 for the version that runs on Windows, and it also has a companion version for mobile phones - they synchronise together.

I use it to keep my passwords, credit card PIN numbers and much more. You can add it to your browser so that it automatically - if you want it to - enters login details when needed.

Feel free to ask if you would like more info.


hi Johnpa.

Thanks for your time and effort in trying to help me. I have now put all of my paswords onto my i pad. I found this easier as I am not a computer whizz kid. I'm not even a kid. To everyone else thanks for your advice.

Up the ataxians.



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