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Montelukast and asthma

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Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing fine!

Short story of mine, I was diagnosed with both conditions, asthma and hyperventilation syndrome (also named breathing pattern disorder, and other names haha).

I have everyday breathing difficulty, dyspnea, shortness of breath, and it's been more than a year, therefore I can't do sport anymore! (Can't even walk for 30 minutes) and my pneumologist told me it was BPD that was causing my everyday shortness of breath, not my asthma. I did a ton of breathing exercices given by a breathing physio and it didn't help.

Another doctor gave me lately montelukast for 10 days (for another thing, it had nothing to do with asthma) and guess what! I noticed a huge improvement in my breathing pattern! That doctor decided to give it to me but for longer this time, and I wanted to know if some of you guys also had uncontrolled asthma, or asthma, and if it improved by taking montelukast? I can't wait to take that medecine!!

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Take care,


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Hi, yes I have taken montelukast for a few years now. It does seem to help me a lot! I hope you continue to feel better with it! Just be aware it can cause nightmares! So if you’re noticing any , it might be the culprit!

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Ilis in reply to madonbrew


I thank you for sharing your experience!

As you said, I also hope I'll be able to feel better after taking montelukast for a few weeks.

As previously said, it's been more than a year that I suffer from chronic dyspnea, so I hope so much that montelukast will finally bring me back at some "normality", or at least I hope I'll get a chronic improvement in my breathing pattern thanks to that medicine! I can't wait to start it !

I'm also glad to learn that Montelukast has helped you!! Thank you a lot for your nice answer,

I wish you the best,


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Nanny1086 in reply to madonbrew

i take mine in the morning now … no more nightmares .

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appyalison in reply to madonbrew

Hi,I have been taking Montelukast, amongst many other forms of medication, for a long time. When I first went on it there was a notable improvement in my breathing. I do have nightmares sometimes but it is a small price to pay.

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madonbrew in reply to appyalison

Yes I agree!

If montelukast helps then ur condition is very likely to be asthma, if BPD exists, both will cause the symptoms worse.

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Ilis in reply to four4


Yes, it seems to be asthma... which means my pneumologist was probably wrong so I hope I'll finally be able to breathe properly after a few weeks taking montelukast!

Thank you for answering,

Best regards,


I took it first a couple of years and it helped a little. Then I got stomach issues and had to come off it. Just be aware of side effects. Good luck.

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Ilis in reply to Lynneypin


Thank your for sharing your experience. I'm sorry you had to stop it even though it was working for your asthma.

I've only taken it for 10 days so I don't know yet how my body will react to it when I'll be taking it for longer but I'll be attentive now that you've said me that.

Again, thank you a lot for answering!


Hi, I've taken it for many years with no side effects whatsoever - and I already had a weak stomach. When first prescribed I asked my then GP if it was harmful in any way & he replied that it wasn't, was a mild medication, that it was usually prescribed for asthmatic children for the allergic aspect of asthma. Always read all of the leaflet that comes with medications. I always take mine early evening after supper rather than at bedtime. Good luck, P

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Ilis in reply to peege


I thank you for your great advice! Also I am glad to read that it had helped you to manage asthma without any bad side effect!

Thank you a lot for your answer,


Been on montelukast for years now amongst other stuff

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Ilis in reply to Chip_y2kuk

And can I ask if it has helped you?

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to Ilis

I didn't get on well with taking it of a night but switched to a morning and yes I did notice a difference

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Ilis in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Well I'm glad you found a way so it could help you to feel better! Thank you for your answer!

hi . yes ive been on Montelukast for a few years now . although i take mine in the morning as taking it at night caused me to have nightmares. they have helped with my breathing.

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Ilis in reply to Nanny1086


Thank your for sharing ! I have good hope that it will also help me then! Thank you!

I’ve taken montelukast for about 3 years, it’s helped enormously. I did have a few nightmares at first but they quickly stop. I have had no stomach issues and I usually do with anything like ibuprofen or aspirin. Good luck.

My prescription ran out two weeks ago ( my doctor is on vacation), and I notice a HUGE difference. Especially at night. My breathing is is much worse.

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