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Omicron variant for asthma

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Hey guys, I was diagnosed with asthma after getting covid the first time last April. Now I got the new variant, omicron, and my lungs are in pain and I cant seem to breathe properly, even after using my inhaler and painkillers. Does anybody know the effects of the new variant on people with asthma or what I can do to stop the pain? Any breathing exercises? I'll do anything because I'm trying to get back to playing basketball as soon as possible and not be sick for months after again. Thanks.

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Have you contacted your GP? Maybe you are eligible for one of the new antivirals? Or maybe a course of oral steroids? I know that is a treatment for asthma but they also use it to treat covid. Your GP will be able to advise - a telephone appointment would suffice. Failing that, try 111.

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mjb01 in reply to Troilus

Not yet but I'll call them today for advice and to try and make an appointment, thank you!

My pathway to getting asthma was the same and I’m 10 days in to the omicron variant. No doubt it affects everyone differently, alongside the usual symptoms my 02 levels began dropping to the low to mid 80s, strangely more so where lying down. I was prescribed a course of steroids.

I’m trying to get my breathing back on track like you. I’ve been using extra puffs of my Symbicort inhaler, authorised by the consultant. Breathing dysfunction is something to be aware of, there’s various exercises, they’ve been referred to on this site b4. I hope you get back on track soon , good luck

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mjb01 in reply to Frued

Thank you! I hope you get better soon too!

I agree with Troilus GP, your respiratory team or 111.

I agree with Troilus too. Many times, a course of steroids is the only thing that helps for my asthma. From everything I read, Omicron doesn't affect the lungs, but does affect the esophagus and the throat. I was recently given a 5-day course of prednisone to help me get over pneumonia. I had omicron two weeks after being diagnosed with pneumonia. During the course of 40 mgs. per day, during omicron I felt wired and tired. It was the first time I didn't get that super energy from the steroids. For me, omicron was extremely mild and didn't affect my lungs or throat and was mostly waves of fatigue. I am double vaxed and boosted with Pfizer. I hope this helps and you are feeling better soon. Take care. 😊

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mjb01 in reply to Achoo84

It helped a lot thank you! I'm going to call my doctor soon and see what course of action I should take.


I also agree with Troilus. You need to immediately see a doctor. The doctor needs to check your oxygen levels and if not a spirometry test, then to also check your peak flow. Most asthmatics have a peak flow meter. They are not very expensive and can be bought at the chemist. With Covid around I would also buy an oximeter. They are unfortunately more expensive but give a good indication if you oxygen levels are dropping. Apparently with covid your body doesn't always give you warning that your oxygen levels are dropping.

The fact you have pain in your lungs means you need to get it checked. It may be nothing but always worthwhile to check.

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mjb01 in reply to Tugun

Thank you! I have an oximeter and I've been checking it constantly. My 02 levels seem to stay between 89-98 but I'm only 16 so I'll check with my doctor if those are ok or a bit low. I'm going to ask the hospital if they have peak flow meters and if not ill put in an order for one. Thanks, for your advice!

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Tugun in reply to mjb01

Also try a chemist/pharmacy. They usually have them.

Just to add to the above, after having covid I wouldn't advise overdoing exercise such as energetic basketball. Look after your lungs and heart, they have to last a long time. Get medical advice won't you, if what others say about omicron is correct in that it affects are mostly elsewhere it could be that the lung area pain is something to do with your previous bout of covid.

For sure, I'm going to take things as slowly as I can with working out. I'm also going to call my doctor today and try to set up an appointment to see our course of action to get me back to playing. Thank you for your advice!

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