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How long does it take doxy to work? I know it can vary but I have been taking it 5 days now and no improvement. Thanks in advance.

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It varies from person to person and is also dependent on how strong infection is. I regularly need more than one course of steroids and antibiotics to become well. And if very poorly even when no longer have infection it can take some time to recover.If you end antibiotics and are still unwell it is important to contact gp to see if need another course or even a different antibiotic.

Also quite important that you eat live yogurt and take probiotics whilst on antibiotics. So you replace good gut bacteria that antibiotic is destroying.

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Gilly100 in reply to Bevvy

Thanks for replying. Been back and prescribed amoxycillin. Thanks for info about yogurt and probiotics, will do.

Doxycycline is a bacteriostatic rather than a bactericidal antibiotic, so it doesn’t kill bacteria, just inhibits their reproduction. Consequently, it may take longer to have an effect because it is relying on your immune system to do the rest. It is often used as a prophylactic to keep infections from returning as it is a very safe drug and one which can be used for years.

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Gilly100 in reply to Superzob

That's interesting, thank you. Now been prescribed amoxycillin.

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Bevvy in reply to Superzob

That’s interesting I usually take amoxicillin first which has limited effect. Then moved to doxycycline, which often helps.

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CDPO16 in reply to Superzob

That's very interesting and something I didn't know. That said, doxy always works well for me while amoxycillin never does.

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persil in reply to Superzob

Out of interest are you medically trained such brilliant knowledge. Thank you x

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Superzob in reply to persil

Sadly not. Found out the hard way by virtually living on them!

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persil in reply to Superzob

Bless you I do understand as I live on cefalexin cos of bowel issues brought on by endometriosis x take care x

Usually 48 hours perhaps you need a sputum test and a different antibiotic, best of luck.

A couple of days, however it does depend on the infection and the dosage... ive been given 10 days at 2 a day by a doctor that "didn't want to see me again" (by mutual agreement) ... the standard dosage however is 2 on day 1 and 1 a day until they are gone (6 days)

Normally I also end up with steroids and after a few days of antibiotics and a few days of stupid amounts of prednisolone.... you feel pretty good... even if you can't sleep

It would be unusual for doxy not to "kick" an infection as they are a really broad spectrum antibiotic but not quite as gentle as some of the others (amoxycillin, clarithromycin)

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