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Covid the cause of asthma

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Covid the cause of asthma?

Has any been diagnosed with Asthma since having covid?

I contracted covid just over a year ago and was quit poorly (not bad enough for hospital) and since then I have been struggling with Asthma symptoms. I stupidly tried to ignore it until winter and the cold weather hit this year and I really started to struggle. Skip to this weekend (I was still stupidly putting off seeing the GP) when I got a cold and things took a turn and I had an Asthma attack. I've now been prescribed steroids blue and brown inhalers. I've also been asked to do regular peek flow testing until I see the Asthma nurse in a couple of weeks. How long before I can realistically start to feel better? I have to go back to work tomorrow and I'm still struggling and needing the blue inner whenever I'm trying to do anything above walking from room to room. I'm not expecting miracles here but I am hoping to feel more at ease by the time I go back to work after Christmas? (I work in a school so I will be in for 3 days then off for 2 weeks)

Thanks everyone

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Sorry to hear this and have heard of others who have been diagnosed with asthma following Covid.Sadly it may take a number of weeks (some here say 8 weeks) before preventative (brown) inhaler takes full effect, so it is good that blue inhaler is helping.

Don’t know what work you do in school but are you sure i is a good move to return to work tomorrow? From what you have said it doesn’t sound like this is a wise move.

My experience is that work would prefer you to stay off sick until much improved rather than returning for a day or so and then be off sick again…..

Wish you much better soon but if no improvement or get worse it is important you seek medical help. It may be you need steroid tablets to ease inflammation.

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Vic3 in reply to Bevvy

Thankyou for replying. I'm a teaching assistant and have 2.5 days left until we break up for 2 weeks. I have so much I need to get done though that is time sensitive, and only I can do but I will go very slow and easy, ask for help and avoid doing duty.

I know I sound ridiculous but I know I have to get these things done.

Thanks for the advice on the steroids. Blue inhaler is definitely helping when I need it. Its practically glued to my side just in case at the minute 😆

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Bevvy in reply to Vic3

Really? I worked within schools for 18years and ultimate responsibility was teachers not teaching assistant…..If absolutely have to go in then I would be very clear on your situation and explain purely attending work due to these matters that only you can deal with. Although must be a senior TA couldn’t they deal with?

Am concerned for you and am aware from previous experiences of working when unwell you don’t get thanked for it! But maybe it will mean you can relax over Christmas break knowing you have dealt with vital items.

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Vic3 in reply to Bevvy

It does ultimately lie with the teacher of course. I have my own things that I'm relayed on for too though, these could technically be passed on but as I always do them the other person won't necessarily get it right. Not their fault its just one of those things. It also means I can cover for ppa, we have lots of staff off and I can always cover doing a Christmas craft, watch a film or even get some late marking done, get books changed for starting back etc. All easy but potentially time consuming things that I won't have time to do when we return.

Luckily the teacher I work with will be grateful and although I won't get thanks from SLT the team I work with will be grateful even if it is that I just do those easy, boring but time consuming tasks.

Somehow I don’t think you will be fit for work tomorrow and being so near the end of term you’re probably better off staying at home.The prednisone (steroid tablets) will start working immediately, but it is usually day 3 before I notice much difference. However, quite often my peak flow continues to increase even when I have stopped taking them.

It is true that your steroid inhaler takes 6-8 weeks to reach full effect, but that is full effect; it does start doing something straight away.

You should start seeing a steady improvement pretty soon.

Thankyou for replying. Unfortunately I need to get some things done at work. I will take it easy though and avoid doing duty (cold seems to be a trigger).

I am noticing a change. I got some sleep last night in between the coughing but I'm still needing the blue inhaler fairly regularly if I move around too much.

Thankyou for your help.

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Troilus in reply to Vic3

Can you not just stay off and go in one day during the holidays to do whatever it is you need to do? Covering ppa might be a bit difficult if you are having coughing fits.

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Bevvy in reply to Troilus

Difficulty for Vic3 is that it is highly unlikely they will be able to access the school building during the school holidays. Unless work is being carried out which is especially unlikely during Christmas holidays the school will be shut and locked up for the 2 weeks.

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Vic3 in reply to Bevvy

Yep school is closed over Christmas. Usually covering ppa would mean teaching but in the last week it will more likely be a Christmas craft or even a movie afternoon. Each class will be having a movie afternoon so it will just be juggled so I can cover that. I will have to give dancing during the class party a miss though 😆

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Troilus in reply to Bevvy

Our caretaker worked part of the holidays as did the cleaners, so we could go in as long as we let the caretaker know we were there, but I can see you are pretty determined to go in 😁

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Bevvy in reply to Troilus

🤷‍♀️. It’s Vic3 who isn’t well and debating going to work. 😂

Yes when I was working I could go into school during the school holidays if caretaker spoken to. But usually this option wasn’t available during the Christmas holiday. No additional work was carried out in order for caretakers to also have Christmas time off.

Hi there Vic3 , I'm sorry that you're struggling....I too, was very poorly last winter, I suspect I had covid before the public knew it was a gp refused to test for antibodies and I'm now double jabbed so that's a mute point for me.....however I too eventually ended up with an asthma diagnosis inhalers forward, I'm only just back at school after 3 weeks fighting a chest infection/ sinus infection, all brought on by catching a cold from the children I look after....I work in FS so forget social distancing etc......I had my first course of oral steroids in this 3 week period, people told me that was the thing that would didn't help me, I'm still on antibiotics and back at school, wondering if I should have stayed off even longer....I hope you have better luck though. Despite government reassurance in the beginning of the pandemic, schools are extremely germy places, unfortunately for us....I wish you the very best of luck, please keep us posted.

Most of the time covid cause breathing issues, lots of people are suffering btrathing problem. Those who are recover from covid issue, most of the patients are not facing asthma problem.

If you're using your blue inhaler so much, make sure you don't run out over Christmas, getting a prescription in Christmas week can be challenging. Best to get a spare now, just in case. And if the steroid tablets don't make you feel much better by day 5, then you need to discuss the potential for another course with your doctor. With Christmas looming you don't want to be in a position where you're depending on A&E if your health declines. You sound determined to go into work, take care and don't push it...asthma can deteriorate very quickly and make sure you follow the Asthma UK advice for attacks (something to learn before the event):

All the best.

Sorry to hear about your problems with Covid and asthma. I had Covid pretty badly right at the start of the pandemic (March 2020) and was diagnosed with asthma about 4-5 months later. I'd never had asthma or any lung issues in my entire life until I had Covid but have been struggling with it ever since then.

I don't have any more info on how to help or how to improve, certainly no more than the very well informed people on here! Just letting you know that yes, it is possible that Covid can cause long-term asthma and no, it's doesn't have to be absolutely terrible (just a massive pain in the arse).

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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