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Asthma review

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I’m new on here so asking a lot of questions lol.

I recently had my asthma review and nurse said my inflammation in my lungs were 7 and they are meant to be <4 does anyone know what this means?

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How did she know that. Had you had bloods done. Was it at the hospital or your practice. There are a number of inflammation markers such as CRP ESR so difficult to tell. Mine are over 18 and I'm still going.

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Levans29 in reply to Anselm198

I had bloods done last April and they told me on Monday when had asthma review just wondering what it meant

I’ve not heard this. I’d ring up and ask them to explain as now you’ve thought about it you’re not sure you really understand. If this is a nurse who like quoting numbers and always will do it’s important you can follow what they mean

I don’t think this is something you need to be overly concerned about Levans unless you are symptomatic.All we folk with asthma are inclined toward inflammation, it goes with the territory I’m afraid. And inflammation levels change depending on what we have come in contact with.

This is why our preventer inhalers have a steroid element - to try to keep the inflammation at bay.

However, if you are experiencing symptoms you might want to ask about ways in which you can get things back under control.

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to Troilus

Just to respond to your first sentence with a more general point (not necessarily in relation to Levans's issue): inflammation in asthma is not always linked to symptoms, and can be a concern even without them. The two can certainly be linked, but may not be, so it's not something to ignore even if you aren't having significant symptoms.

As you say, however, the steroid inhalers are there to keep most asthma inflammation under control, and they usually do a good job of this.

In Levans's case I am quite confused about what these numbers are referring to and what was being measured. The inflammation that steroids address is most typically measured by blood eosinophil levels and/or FENO, but these numbers aren't quite making sense for that.

Levans, do you have any paperwork from the hospital saying what tests were done in April? That was quite a while ago, so perhaps the issue has already been addressed since then eg with a change in meds. Perhaps it would put your mind at rest to chat to the AUK nurses about this? AUK helpline - 0300 2225800 M-F 9-5; AUK WhatsApp - 07378 606728. They might be able to explain what the nurse meant if you talk through what happened at your review.

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