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My blood appointment experience

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I know this isn't topic but will tell you my experience of having a blood test this morning. It was horrendous and believe me I don't have issues with needles, blood tests etc. The nurse or whatever she was didn't even bother looking for a vain, stuck it in and the proceeded to twist it about, couldn't get blood, tried the other arm, same thing, kept dropping things, forgetting things, made me look at the needle in my arm as she needed me to hold the needle whilst she went off to find something. My arms are a mess now and in pain. My question is, what can I do about this and can I insist that I get my bloods done at my GPS or the hospital?

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So where was this done if not at a hospital or gp surgery?Personally I would be making a complaint. Not only for you as sounds like horrendous experience but also for other people who may have the misfortune to have to have blood taken by this individual.

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Was done at a blood clinic

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Make a complaint

That’s just awful. I can feel your pain! I had a similar horrible experience many years ago at our local cottage hospital. There was a room with two chairs in diagonally opposite corners so they did two people at a time.

My nurse did find a vein but I presume she went right through it because she couldn’t get blood out so she pulled the needle out a bit but not out of the skin and shoved it back in again - she tried it again a few times still with no luck.

Eventually she decided the vein had collapsed so she moved to the other arm and tried again. No luck, by that time the other chair was free so she moved me to the other chair and let her friend have a go - not surprisingly she had no luck either. In the end my original nurse patted me on the arm and said ‘you’ve got fat arms dear, you’ll need to go to your own doctor’.

I’d had enough so I didn’t bother until eventually I was in so much pain I had no choice but to go to the doctor.

Not sure you will get anywhere even if you complain, I would just say you want to go to your local hospital phlebotomy dept. Our practice had two phlebotomists- one was wonderful and one was a bit of a butcher, when the good one left I just refused to have the other one take my bloods so I used to take my form along to the local hospital instead - they are very amazing at getting blood. It’s 15 miles away and worth the journey.

Thanks for the reply. To be honest it has put me off dealing with the NHS at all as I have experienced quite a few negative experiences but this one was down right painful. On a positive note I've been in touch with my GP and they have noted this so hopefully I won't deal with the blood service again.

Oh that’s good. It’s pretty horrible when something like that happens to you. . Ever since then I’ve told whoever is trying to get blood that my arms are difficult to get blood out of (they’re not really) but I think it frightens them into being extra careful and my fantastic phlebotomist used to use a child’s needle which is very fine. Hope your next blood test is much better - well it would be pretty hard to be worse wouldn’t it.

Some nurses are barbaric given a syringe and needle.. As an ex nurse who trained with the dinosaurs we were taught 2 tries and you get another colleague, to stop Drs if they failed too. Do not cause distress to the patient. Unfortunately this doesn't apply now. Im very sorry for your awful experience. My second covid jab caused bruising from shoulder to elbow I was a mess. The nurse who gave my booster last week was told to not use a javelin and please hit my fat.. I have plenty!! She didn't laugh. Amazing no bruise. Please say no to medical people dont be hurt physically and mentally no need. I often wonder does anyone care anymore. Take care and please ask if the person attending to is competent you deserve more. x

Excuse the awful pun, but blood tests can be very 'hit and miss'. We have an excellent lady at our surgery who barely leaves a mark on the skin, and another who has shaky hands and looks terrified!!! As a long term blood donor many years ago, my left arm veins can be dodgy, but my right arm pretty easy to access.....I just have to insist with nurses that don't know me that they use the right arm or fail miserably!!!!!...

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