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Salbutemol Versus Ventolin

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Would like to know what other people think about Salbutemol inhaler versus Ventolin. I have always found Ventolin to be the better option for me even though they are supposed to be exactly the same

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I feel much the same, but in my case I think it is psychological. I think the fact that it seems to come out with more power and makes a loud noise when it does it, is somehow more reassuring.

Erm - I’m a little confused here. Ventolin is just a brand name for the medication known as salbutamol, so the two are the same thing.

There are, however different inhalers for delivering the medication. I have two different types: an accuhaler (round disk shaped inhaler) which delivers a dry powder version of ventolin, and an evohaler, which delivers it in a spray form. It’s usually down to personal preference which type of inhaler an asthma sufferer prefers. Personally I prefer the dry powder accuhaler. The only downside with it is that it requires more of an indrawn breath to take which can prove problematic in a full blown asthma attack. That is why I also have the evohaler. With that I use a spacer device which makes it easier to use should I be suffering from a bad flare up of symptoms.

Thank you, yes it is probably more in the mind

I will add that one other reason I prefer the accuhaler is because it has a counting device so it’s easy to see how much medication you have left. In the U.K. ventolin evohalers do not have this (though they do in the US). This is an old gripe of mine and one that I really wish Asthma U.K. would do more about.

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again now (and I’ll keep on saying it until something is done about it), in the U.K. ventolin evohalers must be one of the very few examples (maybe the only one) where it is impossible to tell how much of a life saving medication the patient has left. What makes it worse is that it is not a medication that is taken routinely, making it even more difficult to keep track of.

I've often had this discussion with friends about a range of meds - everyone prefers branded medication over the generic.

The main active ingredient is definitely the same because of strict licensing, but formulations can differ as the medication also contains other ingredients (what I call fillers). Inactive ingredients (fillers) may play a part in how a patient responds to a medication, especially when inhaled. And even though ingredients are listed and may appear the same, the amount or quality of inactive ingredient used may differ between formulations.

And with inhalers, the method of delivery can be different which can make enough of a difference to a patient in terms of effectiveness.

Personally, I prefer branded Ventolin accuhalers and my prescription is precise enough that the pharmacist always dispenses that specific inhaler. I've never had pressure from my GP surgery to change to a generic brand. All my non inhaler meds are generic though.

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ribblevalley in reply to Poobah

Thank you, yes that is what I find.

Was not aware that Ventolin still existed. I rarely use a reliever inhaler, but when I do I think it's called Salmeterol, which works.

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MaggieHP in reply to Thomas45

Salmeterol (aka Serevent) is a long acting reliever, and should not be confused with Ventolin; it does not do the same job. Ventolin is a fast acting reliever which is used to open up the airways quickly in the event of an asthma attack; salmeterol doesn’t work in the same way.

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Thomas45 in reply to MaggieHP

Sorry I was wrong. I so rarely use a reliever that I forgot what I use. It's Salbutamol 100micrograms/dose breath actuated inhaler CFC free.

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MaggieHP in reply to Thomas45

I did wonder:-).

Glad to hear you have the salbutamol!

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MaggieHP in reply to Thomas45

Out of interest is Salmeterol the only medication you are on or do you also have a preventer inhaler?

I have a preventer - DuoResp Spiromax dry powder inhaler 320/9, 2 puffs twice a day.

Interesting you should ask this. My daughter saw a specialist this week and he immediately changed her Salamol inhalers to Ventolin ones. Yes, they are meant to be the same but he says he sees a real difference in his patients and Ventolin is much better. We will see what it does for my daughter.

I’ve had the same with levothyroxine btw, I can only use a specific brand although they are all the same on paper.

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