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Turbo Steroid Inhaler

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I was asthmatic from being young to about 18 then it disappeared for 40 years. After a general anaesthetic in May I suffered breathing problems particularly at night. I was given a ventolin inhaler which helped for a few hours. After 2 months I was given a turbo inhaler, 2 puffs twice a day. This has made the breathing issues go away. However I have never been seen by my doctor and wonder if 1 puff twice a day would work. Has anyone tried this and it was just as effective?

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How long have you been on the twice a day inhaler? Is this Pulmicort by any chance?

The idea with asthma is to be on the least amount of medication to maintain control - control being symptom free and not needing the blue inhaler more than 3 times a week. It sounds like you're there with control but I think one is meant to have been at that stage for at least 3 months.

If so then trying one puff twice a day would probably be a sensible way to reduce things (twice a day is important as the meds last about 12 hours). It may be that you do need the two puffs twice a day, though trying would be the only way to find out


it should be discussed with your doctor or nurse beforehand. Maybe see if you can get a phone appointment? Or you could phone the nurses at Asthma UK for advice on 0300 2225800 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.

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Thank you for replying twinkly29. It is a Symbicort inhaler and I just passed the three months mark. Getting to speak with my Doctor is nigh on impossible so will take your advice and pho e the nurses. One half of me really wants to reduce it but the other half is nervous. Thanks again x

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Symbicort is a combined inhaler.... steroid and medium acting bronchodilator. It would be a good idea to discuss reducing the dose with your healthcare provider first. Then you should reduce very slowly over a period of time... I would say by one puff only for a few weeks and if that's ok by one more puff.

I recently tried to reduce my intake of fostair 200/6 with my consultant's help, after about 4 weeks reduction by just one puff of 100/6 my symptoms returned and I then lost control completely even after increasing again and eventually had to have a course of steroids....so rather an unfortunate experience and counter productive,... not to be repeated.

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Thank you stones93 very useful to know. That is my fear.

Hi, I have had asthma for well over 20 years. At the moment I take my preventer 2 puffs in the morning abs at night. But my asthma isn’t behaving at the moment. I have an agreement with the asthma nurse abs my gp to increase abs decrease the preventer between 1 & 2 puffs morning abs night depending on how my asthma is. When my asthma is good I just take 1 puff twice a day. Because I know a cold or cough always makes my asthma worse they have told me at the first signs of a cold increase it to to 2 puffs twice a day. I would definitely speak with your gp. When I am reducing it back to 1 puff twice a day I wait until I don’t need my blue inhaler very often and for 2 weeks would take 1 puff at night and 2 in the morning and reduce it down very slowly. I hope this helps. GPS in Scotland are not really seeing patients face to face unless they have to. I have seen the asthma nurse though. Could you not arrange an appointment with them? I would definitely phone your practice and ask to speak or see someone. Take care xx

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Thank you lovedisney it is useful to hear of others experiences and I will take your advice.

I am also on a turbo inhaler 2 puffs twice a day, 12 hours apart. I recently reduced my evening puff to one but within a few days my cough returned. I returned to my 2 puffs twice a day and cough disappeared. Everyone is different and unfortunately during these difficult times it is frustrating that some of us are unable to get face to face or telephone appointments. I think Twinkly covered everything else but at the very least I would be trying to get an appointment with the Asthma Nurse at the surgery. Good luck.

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Thank you Karate 😀

I had a discussion about varying my doses or inhalers depending in the time of year, I've been on Fostair 200/6 in the winter and 100/6 in the summer.

Thank you Gareth57. That sounds like a good compromise.

Hi! I am sorry to hear you have this problem! All the above comments suggest sensible things. I would just like to emphasise ( as someone else did) that it is all so individual. I also take less in summer than winter, as winter cold air is a factor for me, but that is not the case with all. I used to be on Symbicort and it worked well for me. However, Clenil Modulite, which is just a steroid inhaler , always made me cough. I think it was the gas in it, not the steroid as such, as I was fine with Symbicort and amd fine with Forstair now. But that is me, and not everyone else.

Whatever you do, don't mess around with steroids, and don't reduce anything quickly and without consultation, like said by others above. What about talking it through with one of the Asthma UK nurses? They can't prescribe, or advice on the specifics of the medication, but they are great to talk to and very knowledgeable.

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Geegee2 in reply to Wheezycat

Thank you Wheezycat 😀 Everyone is so helpful on this site. I have a telephone appointment with with my Doctor on Thursday. Thanks again.

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