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Pfizer booster

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Hi all, hope you are keeping well.

Has anyone else felt like they’ve been hit by a bus after their Pfizer booster? I had mine yesterday and every inch of me hurts, good job it’s a work from home day!

So glad to have had it but wasn’t expecting this much pain!


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I haven’t had my booster yet, but I had Pfizer for my initial doses. Apart from not being able to put my injection arm above my head I was fine.My daughter on the other hand, got hives after her first dose, and aches and pains after her second. She had to take time off work, but was fine after a couple of days. Hope you are too!

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Kate261 in reply to Troilus

Thanks so much, hoping it’ll pass as quick as it came! :)

Had my booster 2 weeks ago with no after effect. Take the recommended paracetamol and take it easy. I believe that after effects such as yours last 2 - 3 days. Hope they pass soon.

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Kate261 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you!

Hi. I had my booster last Wednesday (Pfizer) and really struggled for about 36 hours .. joint pain and tired. Arm was very sore for day. My first 2 were AZ. But very glad I have had it - hope you feel better soon, colin.

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Kate261 in reply to Deverdad

Thank you for your reply! Yes I have important meetings tomorrow so hoping I will feel better by then! Yes me too, on both accounts :) thanks so much.

I’ve had four months of symptoms from the first shot. I’m on the mend but it was scary.

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IChoose in reply to Beefull8

I had a rough time with Moderna, including fever, splitting headache and facial numbness.

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Beefull8 in reply to IChoose

There’s a whole bunch of us. I still have headache too. I hope you’ve recovered.

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Kate261 in reply to Beefull8

Thanks so much, yes I have though it was a bit much!

Very sore arm for a couple days but the day following the booster felt very very tired. After that was fine.

My 1st two initial AZ vaccinations did that to me!!!!! I am so unsure about taking up the booster jab. I have Fibromyalgia so any type of vaccination plays havoc with my aches and pains for weeks. Hope you feel better soon.

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Kate261 in reply to Captaincough

Yes I know how you feel, the Dr said it can increase inflammation, but all I can say is that today I feel better, and my dad died of Covid and I promise you, it’s not the way you want to. Stay safe, keep well :)

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Jollygood in reply to Kate261

So sorry for your loss ❤️💐

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Kate261 in reply to Jollygood

Thank you so much ❤️

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IChoose in reply to Kate261

Hugs Kate

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Kate261 in reply to IChoose

Thank you x

I was knocked out with my first Astra Zenica, fatigued with my second and felt really unwell and full of pain, even down to my fingertips (used to living with pain but was not expecting it to be so bad) and fatigued for a while. My husband was fit as a fiddle with his first jabs and is waiting for his booster. My youngest school age son was full of bounce after his jab last week, so no ill effects.

With multiple lung conditions, a few off days are much better than actual Covid and ending up in hospital.

Yes! I had mine two days ago. Hurt everywhere yesterday but this morning I’m feeling okay. Hope the aches pass soon.

After the second I had loads of cold sores for a Couple of months, booster just very tired for a few days do enjoyed my book and was lazy

Yes! Was quite surprised, luckily it was the weekend and only lasted 2 days. I'd previously had 2 x Astrazeneca vaccinations so I put it down to that. Felt quite flu-like, just drank loads of warm drinks & self prescribed TLC, managed without paracetamol though I would have taken had the symptoms entered a 3rd day. Hope you feel better soon.

edit: just noticed that you lost your Dad to covid, I'm so very sorry ❤

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Kate261 in reply to peege

Yes that sounds the perfect medicine! Having to power on through with work meetings today so counting down the minutes until I can get back to the sofa!

Thank you so much ❤️

My whole arm hurt so much after my booster but it did settle down after a day or so

I've heard the booster was rough! I was a mess after my second one. I had covid and I can tell you, it's a brief glimpse into what it's actually like. I hope you're feeling better soon with lots of rest fluids and paracetamol.

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Kate261 in reply to hilary39

Yes better now at last thank you. I know, my dad died of Covid so I get you.

Oh gosh I am so so sorry to hear that, how horrible and tragic. Sending a hug.

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Kate261 in reply to hilary39

Thank you Hilary ❤️

This is very relevant to me because my 89 year old mother is due for the Pfizer booster next month. She's pretty frail and handled the 1st 2 shots very well. Interested in the comments, and did you feel bad after the 1st 2 pfizers? Thank you.

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Poobah in reply to IChoose

My aunt & uncle, both in their 80s, had the Pfizer shot x 3 and had no side effects or reactions, not even a sore arm.

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IChoose in reply to Poobah

Thank you!

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twinkly29 in reply to Poobah

Same here with my grandma who is 91!

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