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Swollen uvula

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Hi every now and again I get a swollen uvula and it ALWAYS happens when I've been asleep

It can take around 24hrs to go back to normal I don't smoke but I've got grass and dust allergy but this can happen anytime of the year.

Anyone else suffer with this??

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I have a friend who suffered from the same issue. His problem was sleep apnea. When he started using a cpap machine his went away. Snoring can cause it. Hope you get to the root of the problem.

I get bad blood blisters at the back of my mouth near the uvula. Extremely painful until they pop. Mine is caused by my inhaler thinning the skin at the back of the throat. Could your problem with a swollen uvula be caused by the same problem.

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peege in reply to Oldandgray

I used to have that Oldandgrey! The slightest scratch from something like a crisp or crust would cause bloodblisters. Once a scratch from a fishbone gave me one the size of a golf ball, it was awful. It was Seretide that caused them, completely stopped since on Fostair. P

Phil600 I really think you should speak to your gp to get checked out. P

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Oldandgray in reply to peege

I’m on Seretide but Forstair worked a treat for my asthma but unfortunately not for my leg muscles!

Yes, I get it too from time to time. It seems more likely to happen when i have slept with my mouth open I think. I can find it quite uncomfortable, but like you I find it clears up in 1-2 days. While I don't wish it on anyone, it is nice to hear of someone else who gets it!

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Wheezycat in reply to Wheezycat

By the way, I have also wondered at times if post nasal drip can be a contributing factor. I don't have allergies to dust as far as I know, nor pollen.

I do! I am beginning to think I’m allergic to my cats because I have started to notice that when mine happens, I had spent more time with them that day. But not sure because mine also always happens after being asleep

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