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Leg hair loss on pred

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Leg hair loss on prednisone

Has anyone else had thinning of their leg hair while on pred? I’ve probably had about 16 courses since august 2019

The hairs on my legs have thinned out lots the past two years. Not anywhere else on my body just my legs.

There’s worse things than not needing to shave as much but wondering if that could be causing it

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Yes, I was on long term prednisolone, no leg hair and also underarm hair stopped growing as well. I was put on a reducing dose over six months after being on them for a straight fourteen months and still it didn’t grow, but now, after four months of successfully being without any pred at all, it has all started growing again.

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Foxy79 in reply to jodew

Hi I'm foxy79 I have serve copd broncechtisis emphysema respiratory type 2 asthma and odemia I'm on NIV machine and nublizer with lots of tablets even 40ml of perdiesoline been on it for 12 years continues and I have loss my legs hair and heads hair gudley but not all of it from hair. It's common to lose hair on perdiesoline

nice side effect for a change - i'll keep this in mind. Just looked at mine and the defo look less hairy! ha ha

I seem to have the opposite problem, very thick hair everywhere apart from my head, which has thinned and gone frizzy I think due to pred. I even have to shave my face!! I find taking biotin helps with the hair thining though

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Leigh2305 in reply to Angelgoth

It might not be. But this month I noticed another dramatic drop in leg hair. I’ve had three pred courses in last 6 weeks so wondering if that’s the cause

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Angelgoth in reply to Leigh2305

I've had blood tests all come back fine and I take vitamin d supplements so I think it is just the pred, very annoying being so hairy though everywhere apart from my head.

I have been on daily pred for over 30 years, legs, underarm and pubic hair all gone. Head hair thinned considerably

My eyebrows have disappeared but I’m only on inhaled steroids. Hate that this has happened.

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