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Dear friends, in 3 weeks I am having a 2 hour plastic surgery op under GA. This is the first time since developing Bronchiectasis and Asthma that I've had an op. My asthma is well managed usually, I'm on high dose Relvar which I can't reduce, plus Montelukast. I know we should never read Dr Google but I did and it frightened me. I'm going for a pre assessment in 10 days and I know they won't go ahead if it's dangerous to do so but reassurance from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Jo

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Without sounding dismissive, make sure you ask at the assessment. It's difficult to get a definitive answer as it's such a personal thing. If it was an outright no, they wouldn't have offered GA I wouldn't have thought, so am guessing it will be something they've considered - but ask at the appointment and then you'll get an answer specific to you. Most people with asthma will have GAs and be fine so hopefully that will be the case for you too!

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LizPat30 in reply to twinkly29

Thank you I know I'm probably worrying when I don't need to.

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twinkly29 in reply to LizPat30

It's not easy to just not do that though!

LizPat, I have had a 7 hour op under GA and it didn't affect my asthma at all. I took my inhalers every day and my asthma was well controlled before and after, despite huge anxiety about the op. I probably missed a few doses of Montelukast, but my inhalers were key to keeping everything on an even keel.

Good luck with your op.

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LizPat30 in reply to Poobah

Thank you I am now going to stop worrying!!!!

hi Liz i'm also going to have a GA for a plastic surgery op but not until next March, I have severe asthma and EGPA. My specialist and plastic surgeon are in contact to ensure that I get the best care. So maybe you could ask for this to happen if not already. Interested to know what you are having? I am getting an explant as i have recalled breast implants that are linked to a blood cancer.

Thank you for your support. Two years ago I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my nose tip followed by plastic surgery repair under local anaesthetic. I'm not happy with the finish, they did all that they could under LA so this time they are doing a Rieger flap.

Hi Liz, this too was a concern for me 3 years ago when I was having a hip replacement. Mine was a more complicated surgery than usual so I was told by the anaesthetist I'd be getting spinal anaesthetic AND general anaesthetic. I was very nervous about the asthma flaring up. I was a bit tight in the recovery room.just for a couple of mins after I woke up and they gave me a neb and all settled down. They were all very attentive and vigilant and I was well taken care of.

I noticed the ventilator had really dried out my airways which always triggers problems for me so I drank gallons for the next 24 hrs (and I do mean a lLOT of water) and it restored the balance for me. You will be fine...explain your concerns at pre assessment and they will factor that into your care. Best of luck with the recovery.

Hi Liz, I Had open wound surgery 2 days ago and was told to carry on as normal with inhalers and montelukast. I had to walk to theatre and take reliever inhaler with me. I suffer with COPD, Good Luck

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LizPat30 in reply to Dashster

Thank you Dashter, I hope you are healing well and feeling much better. Xxxx

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Dashster in reply to LizPat30

Recovery seems to be going well, back home now-thank you.Wishing you all the best regards Dashster

Hi Liz, I’ve had several ops under GA and been fine with all of them. They will take into account your asthma and if you’re not well with it, or anything else for that matter they’ll delay the op so don’t worry. You will likely be put on oxygen after surgery. I know I have been every time. Good luck with everything x

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LizPat30 in reply to Dpotter

Thank you that's really helpful, how long did you need oxygen post op?

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Dpotter in reply to LizPat30

I had it for a couple of days but I was in hospital for about a week with the last 2 ops I had. Assume you won’t be in for long. Everyone’s needs are different. The most important thing is to try not to worry about it, I know harder said than done 😀 but as we all know stress is a trigger for asthma symptoms. Just focus on looking forward to getting your issue sorted. All the best x

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LizPat30 in reply to Dpotter

Thank you I really appreciate you taking time to respond. I now feel much more informed about the situation which helps and I know questions to ask. 👍

I’ve had severe asthma since j was a few months old / am 63 now/ had a few major operations with no adverse issues. If you need an operation then you need to go ahead - personally would have elective or non essential surgery as any anesthetic carried a risk and can take months to recover from

I had shoulder surgery two years ago and I was ok! My surgeon knew I have severe asthma so he had me use a puff of ventolin before they administered the anasthesia. Good luck! I hope it goes well!!

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LizPat30 in reply to hilary39

Thanks Hilary so kind to reply, I'm now making a note to self to pack the ventolin with the other medications xxx

I had surgery under plastic team this time last year and at that stage my asthma was in a more settled period of a prolonged problematic stage. The anaesthetist got me to take my omeprazole while waiting and then salbutamol before going to theatre. Felt absolutely fine after. And the IV morphine and the high dose codeine tablets were incredible and gave me my happiest week all year. I have very fond memories of that week 🤣

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LizPat30 in reply to Dogruff

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I've just got back from my pre assessment, the nurse didn't know whether the anaesthetist would want to see me in person pre op or not, but thanks to everyone on the forum I feel reassured and much better informed.

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Dogruff in reply to LizPat30

My one saw me at the bedside a couple of hours beforehand. Rather nice doctor too and she got a great laugh when she asked me what surgery I was in for and I responded “frontal lobe lobotomy.” Best of luck and I hope the surgery goes well.

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