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Ketotifen and Xolair

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Soooo, thought I'd give an update. Had my Xolair injections yesterday (was so stressful getting back to the hospital lol), went well and the specialist nurse was lovely. Minimal wheals today although still a lot of itching, but it is progress! On the asthma front though I think the increase of my Ketotifen has made an impact, the amount of nebs has lessened and the improvement in my symptoms overall is way better! I'm hopeful that we've cracked this admission-failed discharge cycle! Hope I'll be able to go home tomorrow. ☺

Hope you're all well.

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So glad things are looking up for you! Good luck with the going home tomorrow plan

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Evesham in reply to Meliko

I’m glad to hear this. I too am on Xolair and am happy to say I no longer have to live on long steroid intake. Good luck

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floating_ in reply to Evesham

That's super promising! I'm on it for my hives actually, but I'm wondering if it'll help my asthma also, will be interesting to see. 😄

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floating_ in reply to Meliko

Thank you!

I was on Ketotifen for many years, and it really helped me. Then, about 2 yrs ago my GP said it was no longer available in UK and so he couldn't prescribe it for me. Is it now back again??

It is available, but it being an orphan medication, it can be hard to get a hold of! I'm on it primarily for mast cell disease but it is having a positive impact on my asthma as well. Might be worth asking your GP/Specialist about it again.

That does sound promising. I do hope things improve for you with this new treatment and it breaks the admission cycle.

Sounds really promising! Good luck 🤞

This sounds like very good news!

Good to hear that! Fr ur previously post I got to know u've been diagnosed with MCAS, how's ur Dr making the diagnosis? As I am hving multiple chemical allergies in addition to asthma, I'm suspecting myself to hv MCAS as well.

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floating_ in reply to four4

Blood tests and urine tests! I was diagnosed a few years ago now so can't remember the ins and outs of testing though, sorry!

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four4 in reply to floating_

Thanks a lot!

Looking good 🤞🍀

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