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Funny feeling in chest

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Hello, currently on oral steroids for asthma flare up, recently lost my dad and my asthma is a bit out of control. Have this awful fuzzy feeling in my left lung, just very aware of it?? Anyone experienced this?

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When you say in your lung, where exactly do you mean?

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L1974 in reply to twinkly29

Just chest area I suppose?? Just odd I’m suffering from a lot on anxiety too with losing dad

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twinkly29 in reply to L1974

Was just wondering as it's not necessarily actually your lung.

Anxiety and stress can cause all sorts of tightness and weird chest feelings (and other breathing symptoms actually like shortness of breath) so it's quite likely it's related to that, given you're going through a really tough time.

Doing relaxed breathing exercises can help, or doing anything that you normally find relaxing, although I guess it could take time as bereavement is hard. Look after yourself if you can and I'm really sorry for your loss x

I'm so sorry for your loss, losing a parent is so very difficult. Over the years I've experienced a range of asthma symptoms when life is challenging and on occasion I've sought counselling, specifically when I lost someone very close to me - it was an enormous help. But that's just me. My GP arranged a referral and I had to wait a few weeks, but it was a relief to discuss things with an independent party.

Anxiousness is horrible and despite my best efforts it can creep up on me. I know that breathing exercises help me as I tend to breath all wrong when anxious and that just makes things worse. When we breath heavily, or through the mouth, we put undue pressure on the lungs and they can over inflate and/or become irritated by that. Focusing on breathing exercises, maybe listening to calming music or sounds (I use YouTube either waves lapping on a beach or gentle music) while doing that, can bring some equilibrium back.

I favour Buteyko for breathing exercises but there are a range of options on YouTube so you will probably find one that suits you.

Don't hesitate to seek support from your GP, especially if your symptoms continue.

Very sorry to hear of your loss,it is a very stressful time for all concerned. The advise from Twinkly and Poobah is excellent. I have just gone through a personal experience and I think that someone somewhere is worse off than me, and think of all the happy times I have had with my family for 69years, and it always makes feel better.All the best and hope for a better futuure

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L1974 in reply to Wheesy

Thanks for your messages, it’s a really tough time. I suffer with health anxiety so this has made it 100 times worse and my go to for this is normally my dad! The funny feelings make me worse, like the chest feeling. I am getting an ECG on Monday just to check me out. Might book a massage or something try to relax me!

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Wheesy in reply to L1974

Yes a massage is a good idea, or why not splash out and have a spa day with a friendKeep your chin up

I’m very sorry for your loss. My dad passed away a while ago, which is something I hardly ever say, because I’m totally in denial about it and it’s like if i don’t say it, it won’t be true. Grief can really affect your breathing, and health in general. Anxiety can manifest itself in all kinds of physical ways too. Good luck with your ECG. 🤞

Hi there. Very sorry to hear of your loss. In addition to asthma, I also suffer from angina and your symptoms of odd feelings in the chest could be a sign of an angina attack. Angina presents differently in men and women and is frequently triggered by strong emotions or stress. Sound familiar?

Don’t hesitate. Ring your GP, explaining you have chest pains and you’ll probably get a very rapid response.

Seriously, don’t hesitate. Get on that phone !

Good luck

I’m really sorry for your loss.

It’s a difficult time losing a parent . Maybe the feeling you’re experiencing in your chest is related to the sadness and grief that’s with you right now.

Sending sympathy 💐 x

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