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Peak flow increased by inhalers

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I've had asthma all my life and more recently got referred to a specialist due to my asthma being not controlled. The doctor has been amazing and I feel my asthma has been taken seriously. I used to take seretide 2 puffs twice a day, and ventolin when needed. My peak flow used to be at my very best 360, but for a long time 250 - 270 was my max. Since being changed to different inhalers, I've felt a huge improvement and this also is shown through my peak flow increasing. I'm now on symbicort 200 2x puffs three times a day and also spiriva respimat 2x puffs in the morning. I check my peak flow regularly and for the last few months (since taking these new inahlers) I'm hitting 400 - 450 regularly. I've never been able to get a peak flow this high so very happy that this must mean that the inhalers im now on are finally working 😃 has anyone else had any similar experience when it comes to increasing peak flow? Thank you.

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It is good to know that things have improved for you,and I hope that they get even better. Nothing like fresh air to make us feel better.Take Care,

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Cristina1992 in reply to Wheesy

Thank you 😊

It sounds like the new meds are the right ones for you (assuming symptoms have also reduced?) as things have definitely improved for you on the new meds - great to hear!

Peak flow increasing generally is a sign that the meds are working. Any asthma plan you have should reflect your current best not your previous bests, but given your team seem to be on the ball I hope someone has dealt with that!

Thank you for your reply. Yes my asthma symptoms have definitely improved too. My asthma plan hasn't been updated yet but I've only been having telephone consultations with the doctor because of covid, so perhaps this will happen when a face to face asthma check up is booked. Winter is usually my most difficult time for my asthma, so fingers crossed the improvement will help me through this year 🤞😁

Given that might be a while, it might be worth contacting the nurses at Asthma UK who could help you redo your action plan based on your current bests. Then you've got something to go on because the level you'd need to seek help would now be higher than it was before.

Thank you yes I hadn't thought about that. I will get on to sorting that out! Thanks so much.

Morning all hope you are all well ,glad they have finally put you on something that helps i have used the same inhalers now for 5 yrs and my asthma has not played up in all that time although i do try to avoid anything that would cause me to have a bad attack. good luck and hope they help you as much as the have me .xxx

Thank you thats so reassuring to hear. I'm so pleased you're feeling well and have found the inhalers that work for you. Take care, Cristina.

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