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Coughing up this pretty much all day everyday. Feeling beyond exhausted and fed up. Any ideas what's going on?

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I had the same as you. I think you need antibiotics... call your GP and tell them your symptoms. I have had 4 lots of antibiotics in the last 6 months trying to shift mine. My GP did a sputum test and it came back with a bug in it... it is exhausting because you are constantly cough and trying to bring this never ending amount of sputum up which is clinging to your body... please tell your G.P... hope you feel better soon 😁

Sorry to hear this!Could be chest infection ?

Perhaps contact your GP or use your emergency pack?Sounds v unpleasant

Good luck

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Geogeor in reply to Muldrew

My thought, too

Get a sputum sample done from the GP, I was coughing up mucus plugs for 9 months - much bigger than yours, they never found anything in the mucus but i have now been diagnosed with EGPA which is similar to severe asthma but vascular as well. Please persist in getting help for this.

Hi,That plug of mucus looks very thick. If you aren’t already doing so I suggest you increase your fluid intake. Also sitting in a steamy bathroom might help moisten things. If you have ever been taught chest clearance exercises, now is the time to use them and if you can, as able, move around the house. These all help to move the secretions, which is difficult when you’re feeling so poorly.

Take care,


I have replied to Dizzart above- I have had similar mucus/phlegm problems with a number of different inhalers I’ve tried over the last few years. I’ve found that drinking a cupful of water immediately after using the steroid etc inhaler and gargling has practically stopped all the excess mucus production, choking, coughing and voice problems, give it a try.

Hi, really good advice from everyone. I used to be like this every winter, would get bad chest infections etc. Try to get antibiotics and have you tried Montelucast tablets ? Some people don't do well on these, but for me they stopped the yearly cycle of winter chest infections. Good luck !!

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Titch1908 in reply to Anniecath

Yes do all that.. Im waiting for biologics now. My referral has gone to the severe asthma clinic and just waiting to see them.

Sorry for the gross question as I've had this and posted on here but is it yellow or green? Hard to tell from your photo. If it's yellow it's viral and green is bacterial. If it's viral you should rest, drink lots of fluids and warm fluids, steam your head alot with mouth open and if your asthma is affected increase your steroid dose. That's what I had to do. I'm on Fostair 200/6 and Qvar 100 so I upped my Qvar puffs and this really made my lungs not affected it slowly passes if it's dragging on for weeks go to the GP's and they will probably ask for a sputum sample if it's not obviously green. I don't know how old you are but could be worth checking your vaccinations not sure how bad your asthma is but I have had Menitorix® and Pneumovax® II when I was 48 years old it can be given at this age for those of us with Respiratory disease some more reading in the link I have posted and no I'm not a GP but I have seen a private respiratory specialist top in his field for where I live which made the blow of being told it was late adult onset asthma slightly easier to accept.

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