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Put Up With It

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I have just been discharged after a very severe asthma attach from hospital. A doctor who does not know me at all came to my bedside where I could hardly breath at my SATS were all over the place. On oxygen at 6.He turned off the oxygen and said I was fit to go home and I would have to cope with my condition. At home my GP has phoned me and said do I want her to check me out now as I was struggling to talk in a full sentence. I said I could not get to surgery. She said ghat she would ring me tomorrow, and see how I was doing. Still in a lot of pain in my chest and SOB. I am thinking seriously about reporting this issue with the GMC. I dont want to be in hospital, but this doctor in my opinion has seriously miss diagnosed the problem, if he had read my notes he would have read that I am like a YO YO one minute ok the next SOB

Take care of yourselves

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I am so sorry you are in this position. Unfortunately I have no answers for you. Does your GP not do home visits? I know ours does for people who are unable to get down to the practice.Failing that, I would be inclined to call 111. They have arranged home visits for my dad before now. If by any chance they send an ambulance, then so be it. You didn’t request it, that was what your telephone assessment indicated you needed. Hopefully, you will be seen by a different Dr in A&E.

Not being able to speak in full sentences is a BIG warning sign, so please do not ignore it and while you decide which is the best course of action for you, keep pushing the blues.

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Wheesy in reply to Troilus

Many thanks Sometimes i feel that we have a department called acute medical unit which used to be called ambulatory Care, and still employ the same medics as as Ambulatory Care who would send you home at the drop of a hat as long as you could walk and not fall over. I have also now found out that the Dr. who discharged me is know as the ward clearer particular at the weekend. I said to him I bet I am back wasting A & E time and money within the next 48hrs. His very curt reply was SO BE IT. At times I just give up and sit quietly. Having said all this I will be telling my specialists who always look after me at all costs. I do not think they will be very happy. Thinking about E.Mailing my respiritary department with this problem

Sorry all for this long rant.


Keep Safe

If you're still struggling then phone 111 in order for them to decide what should happen. It's difficult to make decisions when you're so ill.

On the complaint issue, you can make a complaint to PALS. It will be investigated and resolved. People who complain have a chance of better treatment according to this article: theguardian.com/healthcare-...

Don't be afraid to name the specific doctor who made the decision to make an unsafe discharge. Here are some examples of successful complaints re unsafe hospital discharges from the relevant ombudsman: ombudsman.org.uk/publicatio...

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Wheesy in reply to Poobah

Thanks For the information It will be most useful for my case and problem It will also be very useful for other sufferers having problems.

This sounds very hard, it's really scary not to get the help you need and care when you're feeling awful. How are you doing now?

I would certainly write to the Hospital Trust. If you look them up online you will find they have a very good complaints system whereby every patient complaint is thoroughly investigated sympathetically.

So sorry to hear of your plight let us know how things turn out, it’s very disheartening to feel that doctor was so quick to judge. I know the feeling of being unable to talk although I’m lucky it usually passes. Thankfully most doctors are more careful. Best of luck.xx Bernardine

Well here I am in hospital again. But not my usual one. Came for tests at hospital in next town to me and before I even started tests I had passed out and found myself in A&E. I told that Dr I would be back in hospital. He now leaves me no option but to take action against him but not the NHS Hospital

Many thanks everyone Things will get better

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Gsp- in reply to Wheesy

Good luck, all the best.

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baxternoni in reply to Wheesy

Hope you get better soon.

I hope you feel better today best wishes colin

Take care

Hi Wheesy Thank goodness you are getting the care you need now - although I think you are lucky. Unfortunately - I think what happened to you is par for the course - and now there is Covid to justify negligence and neglect things will just get worse - the whole system is in melt down. Older people with chronic conditions are seen as a drain on the system - denied MRI scans etc. I think complaining against an individual is a waste of time - they are protected by the system - you need your energy to survive - stay positive and celebrate the good things and good people - don’t waste energy on creeps timeservers and toerags who take their inflated salaries and do the management bidding

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