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Asthma UK & BLF's Expert Patient Panel - applications now open!

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Hi everyone,

We're pleased to let you know that we're recruiting for a new Research and Innovation Expert Patient Panel! This is your chance to have your say on the future of asthma and lung disease research.

The panel will be comprised of around 15 people affected by lung disease who will share their advice and expertise to develop the research that we support.

You can find out full details, including how to apply, here:

Applications are open until Wednesday 8 September, so we hope to hear from you soon!


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EmmaF91Community Ambassador


In the ‘we are looking for’ area you say;

‘Are able to attend the virtual Expert Patient Panel meetings every other month and can contribute to review and contribute to documents over email between meetings’

Is there any idea what day/times the meetings would be? As if it’s likely to be during the working week etc some people will know they can’t do it straight away (saves time and effort for everyone 😅). If you guys don’t know yet then fair dos but a rough idea might be helpful for those thinking about applying

Many thanks ☺️

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Dani_AUK-BLFAdministrator in reply to EmmaF91

Hi Emma91, very good question!

We haven't expressed a time as once the panel is in place, one of the first activities will be to confirm people's preferences around the timings of meetings and whether we should have these in a regular slot or change each month etc. We certainly don't want to exclude people who can't make certain times, such as people who can't attend meetings during the day. All we ask for at this stage is a commitment where possible to attend the meetings, which we'll set a date for based on people's availability. I hope that helps!

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