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Urgent Advice please Do I carry on with Fostair inhaler with Prednisone?

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I am now taking a short dose of Prednisone for the first time and forgot to ask GP if I should also continue taking my Fostiar steroid inhaler? I suspect so as he didn’t tell me to stop! But I don’t know for sure and I am due another dose of Fostair before bed? Does anyone know thank you in anticipation.

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Hi Faith007,

A short course of pred is usually prescribed in addition to your inhaler regime. If you are unsure, as he didn’t tell you to stop, it’s best to take the Fostair this evening as usual and then call the surgery tomorrow to double check. I would stick with the Fostair until told otherwise by your doctor or pharmacist.

If you’re really worried about it and want reassurance from a health care professional and not just a fellow patient, you could speak to someone at 111 as it’s outside GP surgery hours.

No I am sure you are right citygirl1234. I am going to take it. Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly I really appreciate itx

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Yup. You keep taking the inhaler as well as the tablets!

Yes as Emma said take your Fostair as normal. In fact Fostair should be taken as prescribed every day, even when you feel well. It shouldn't be stopped unless a doctor tells you to do so.

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Faith007 in reply to twinkly29

Thank you twinkly29

As Twinkly 29 said. X

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