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New asthma nurse

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Hi I have been for my appointment today with a different nurse as my usual one has been off sick for a while. She said to keep doing what I am doing now inhaler wise but is keen to get me seen by the respiratory specialist, as it appears things are uncontrolled. She said she would feel a bit happier with their opinion. She hasn’t added/changed anything with my meds. I suppose this is a good thing to get sorted, I wonder if they are doing many test etc in clinic atm with covid.

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That's not a bad outcome. May take awhile to get seen I'm still waiting to be seen and it's been a month already. But at least your on the list now.

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LeiLey in reply to andy121

Yes she really was great, listened to everything, she did also say she would ask the gp to possibly see me first as well so either way that’s good. 🤞 not to long for you to wait for your appointment.

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andy121 in reply to LeiLey

Hopefully it will all work out for you and not have to wait to long.

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LeiLey in reply to andy121

Thank you

Seeing a new asthma nurse was the best thing that happened to me, literally changed my life. After one spirometry test at the GP surgery I was told my asthma was now copd. I’d never smoked, been in a fire or worked in asbestos. I was put on health’s and seretide, 100mg per day, carbo x 6 and spent the next five years on and off pred and antibiotics. Permanent chesty cough, felt terrible. After one appointment with the new nurse, I was off both inhalers and on a much lower dose of fostair instead. My breathing was better but my cough wasn’t so after a month I went back and was prescribed montelukast and i never looked back. I’m back at the gym, I walk the dog miles every day, I feel amazing. Haven’t taken pred or antibiotics since, nearly two years now. Good luck with your new nurse, sometimes a fresh pair of eyes sees things very differently.

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LeiLey in reply to Moose45

Aw that’s amazing, what an outcome for you! Yes I think you’re right that a fresh set of eyes helps, and might have new/different ideas. The montelukast seems like a winner for you, pleased for you 👍Thank you 😊

Hi, I have been waiting to see my respiratory consultant for a year as appts get cancelled as they are needed elsewhere at the mo. At present where I am they are only telephone appts but still useful so hope you get it sorted soon :)

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LeiLey in reply to Kate261

Thank you, I hope you get sorted too and I’m pleased at least you are finding the telephone calls useful until you see a consultant, good luck 😊

So got a call from my gp surgery today saying to book in with a gp. I’m guessing he/she wants to see me first, before deciding whether to refer to respiratory for definite? They will have my new asthma nurses notes to look at.

So will see what gp thinks

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