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13 Year old suffering with football

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Hi folks,

I have just joined today, as am growing concerned for my son and the increasing lack of amount of football he is beginning to experience due to his asthma.

This past year, admittedly the pitch size has increased but he is unable to run unlike before without his astq flaring up after 20 minutes or thereabouts and ends up having to come off.

His fitness levels are excellent along with his diet, but he now is losing interest in his hobby due to this debilitating state he constantly endures. Our surgery has not replaced our asthma nurse and wondered where I should turn to help get him back to where he once was, running freely without getting tired and short of breath.

I am happy to go private if needs be but would love to get a solution for him before the season starts, so he can enjoy what he loves.



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Does he take his blue inhaler before starting exercise? Speak to his gp about whether this is a good idea. I know that lots of adults do this. Am just hesitant because of his age.

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BMC1 in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy,

We were advised by his paediatrician for him to take 6 puffs of his blue inhaler, 20 mins prior to exercise. This is having little help at all now.

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Bevvy in reply to BMC1

Can you go back to paediatrician? Although sounds like he needs to be seen by an asthma specialist. Maybe needs change of preventer medication…..

Thanks Bevvy.

I think that's what we will have to push for. Really appreciate your heads up on this. Much obliged to you. 😊

Maybe have a chat with the asthma nurses on the helpline? They might have some ideas. It’s 03000 030 555 Mon-Fri 9-5.

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Thanks Hanne, much obliged.

I think your son needs to go back to the consultant really. Even if it's a new referral. Other issues need ruling out (if so much ventolin isn't helping at all then it might not be asthma causing the shortness of breath - many other things can do so). But if it is asthma they need to look at better preventer meds rather a tonne of ventolin before exercise! 6 puffs is a lot each time pre exercise.

Actually maybe discuss all that including the could it be a different cause with your GP and push for paeds if you get nowhere.

As Hanne suggested, it might be worth calling Asthma UK first.

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BMC1 in reply to twinkly29

Twinkly, thank you. Agreed, a fresh look at this could be what's needed to cover all bases. Your advice is valued.

My son is just a little younger, a change in preventer really helped him. Although it is still possible for him to experience asthma symptoms on the pitch it happens much less and he copes better with his symptoms in school too. He also takes antihistamines from April over the summer. Our asthma nurse and gp were very supportive. He switched to symbicort for his preventer.

Thanks Emily, really appreciate this.

I’m no expert but as my doc was little help I was lucky to chat to the Young fit receptionist who jobs every day but takes two puffs of her inhaler first but also has severe hay fever which I now realise is not recognised as a factor enough. Now I take a high dose prescribed by doc and during the summer I get up clogged and once the tablet kicks in I can breathe as well as anyone. I didn’t realise how much air borne pollution effects us . Good luck to your son. Do hope you find a solution ⚽️

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Dizzart in reply to Dizzart

Sorry should read jogs ☹️

Sorry should read jogs ☹️

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BMC1 in reply to Dizzart

Hi Dizzart,

What is your prescribed medication and what do you take in the summer please ?

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Dizzart in reply to BMC1

I take Fexofenadine antihistamines and Montelukas which seems to open the air passages but I doubt your son needs that and then I take a steroid inhaler Atimos Modulite but again I suspect that is to strong for a young healthy person but I used to take Ventolin Evohaler which I found was the best of the non steroid kind. I learned about Montelukas and Fexofenadin from a young man who repaired our electrics . So the best I suggest is to ask around and look on here and do some research , then tell the medics what you need 👍🏻⚽️

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BMC1 in reply to Dizzart

Great, really appreciate your input 👍🏼

ask your doctor about montelukast.... can be taken by children and specifically recommended for exercise induced asthma

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BMC1 in reply to stones93

Thanks Stones, appreciate this.

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