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Heatwave and Allergic Asthma

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Does anyone have suggestions for keeping cool at night during the heatwave?

I have severe allergic asthma and have to avoid being outdoors during a high pollen count so I definitely cannot have a window open at night!

I lower the blinds/shut curtains during the day to keep the house cool. Unfortunately, I cannot afford a fan or air conditioning.

Hoping someone here has a good idea!

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A cool shower before bed, really helps cool body downCool drink with ice cube in that will help keep drink cool

Keep a look out in charity shops or car boot sales (if on again),

Also gumtree especially office clearances section, you may pick up a fan at fraction of price.

I had picked up a handheld fan that also doubles as desktop fan with varying speeds on amazon, there is a lot of varied prices.

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Thomas45 in reply to Maggie_Mae

Don't forget the running costs.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

Cheap bottles of water (the bottles which are usually 1 use only). Make sure they not fully filled and freeze 3-4 bottles (ie make it so room to freeze without bottle splitting). Alternatively ice packs etc.

Put each one in a sock (to prevent ice burn) then stick them in your bed 😉😂. Costs about £4 (£1 per bottle) or free if you already have the bottles!) Then you can keep re-freezing them!!

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peege in reply to EmmaF91

Empty plastic milk bottles? Definitely freezable - as long as they're not full

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador in reply to peege

Yup. Anything freezable, that isnt too full and you have room for!

I have blinds and curtains. This year the pollen and spores seem very high. We also live in the country so lots of pollen around. I’m back on prednisolone tablets as not coping

I bought a fan for less than £10 and that's now working hard in the bedroom (SomeoneI know has one of those very expensive Dyson fans but they don't actually cool the air, despite the price tag). Gumtree is a good place to pick up a second hand fan.

But when things get very uncomfortable, heatwise, I also get a face flannel or small hand towel and drench it in cold water and place it on me or around my neck. But I like the sound of Emma's frozen water bottles.

Eat early and eat light helps as your system isn't working on digesting a big meal. Take a cool shower before bed too. And if you have a tablet, you could select one of the many YouTube vids of rain, waves or other noise that will help you think cool - they run for hours.

To the list, I would add spray your sheet with cold water and it will cool you down as the water evaporates.

When I've holidayed in hot countries and it's been over 30 degrees at night I've slept underneath a damp bath towel, which was effective.

We have to keep the window closed because of not only pollen and air pollution from traffic, but also the seagulls which roost around here - the noise is incredible. So we have the bedroom door open, and open all the windows in the rest of the house - the noise doesn't travel around corners. Then as little as possible bedding, maybe just a sheet as suggested. It was still 24 degrees C last night at 1am, I know some places are warmer.


I would add that keeping the doors/windows closed (or at least pulled to as it's so hot) especially in the afternoon and into the evening as that's when the pollen count is high. Also wipe around with a damp cloth as pollen gets deposited around the house and you can breathe it in during the day. I've found a fan with a water compartment which was about £50 from Argos very helpful - not sure if it's the cooler air or the fact it puts moisture into the air - but it definitely helps especially at night. Or maybe leaving some bowls of water around should help to put moisture into the air. There's some information on Asthma UK that suggests very warm air can dry out airways, which makes sense to me as heat always triggers me.

Someone I know told me that when they were in India people used to have wet towels around the place especially overnight and as the water evaporates it reduces the temperature.

I'm doing what I used to do while living a few miles from the Sahara, no air con, intermittent electricity & water. Kept a few wet cloths (at the time I had plenty of babies muslin cloths) rolled up with a couple of ice packs by the bed. Just a wipe over with a damp cloth is very cooling. At times of endless 45° heat I'd used a cool box with ice packs, water & damp cloths to have handy for wiping down the children as well as myself. Insulted cup if you have one to keep water cool for sipping in the night as its important to stay hydrated.

A quick warm shower/rinse or wipe down before bed and fresh cotton sheets are also cooling, perhaps a single one rinsed through every couple of days placed on your sleeping area. If you have to wear something at night then make it thin cotton & loose.

Cover your windows if you need to during hottest times to keep out the heat, in hot areas of Europe everyone has shutters so here we have to emulate where we need to. Hope this helps a little. P

PS great idea above to wipe surface in the bedroom with a damp cloth to pick up pollen particles 😀

John Lewis & Partners Handheld and Foldable Desk Fan, 4 inch,

different colours, chargeable with USB & £12

What I do is wet a t shirt ring it out and then put it on, if you get a fan it's lovely to sit in front of it wearing this.

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