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Intense Stabbing in centre of chest

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Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you I find this forum so helpful and reassuring that there are so many of us experience the same problems, not that makes it ok but knowing others have the same symptoms and issues helps me get through the days. I wonder if I can…. ask does anyone else have this symptom? I had such intense stabbing pains in my chest yesterday whilst I was at work, my colleagues called an ambulance as they thought I was having a heart attack Thankfully on arrival at hospital and tests completed my heart is all good and the doctors are saying it was an asthma attack? I was SOB and after the pains my chest did tighten and normal ventolin required, but definitely not me fighting for breath as I do during a “normal” attack! All very strange, oh an my peak flow was better than usual?

I have been placed on high dose of prednisolone for 10 days, have a doctors appointment today and been asked to inform my asthma team at Queens med.

I am already on a maintenance dose of prednisolone whilst I am waiting for biologics, I take spiriva, fostair, montelukast, cetrazine and beconase, so thought I had seen most symptoms by now, but obviously not?

Sorry for the long post, would really appreciate any feedback, thank you 😞

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Hi Ljmcb

You must have got a terrible fright, your colleagues done the right thing.

I know you obviously received diagnoses etc

Similar happened to my friend, although on top of his asthma he also had muscular pain chest & back, which turns out was due to moving heavy furniture days earlier. Just a thought if maybe you had exertion lately, heavy lifting, gardening etc

Hope you rest up and continue to get better soon

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Ljmcb in reply to Maggie_Mae

Thanks for replying, no heavy lifting, but noted. Maybe it’s also a sign of getting older?

I have had that this year, central chest pain and up to throat, sounds like the heart doesn’t it, no it was the dear old asthma. I’m also back on prednisolone.

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Ljmcb in reply to Oldandgray

Thank you yes throat as well, thank you for replying, let’s hope we all feel better soon

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Moose45 in reply to Oldandgray

Sorry to jump in but is your central chest pain like indigestion, like foods not going down properly, as well as a sharp pain? I have that and on omeprazole for it it but not helping much. Been waiting months for endoscopy.

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Ljmcb in reply to Moose45

Thanks for the reply, this pain was way worse than any indigestion I have ever experienced but I am no expert and I am also on omeprazole. I am sure all will be fine, thanks again

I wonder if it could have been pericarditis--did the pain feel crushing at all? Did you have covid recently?

Thanks for the reply, it was a stabbing pain so bad I couldn’t move or get my breath to even talk, never experienced this before. I am being monitored by my Doctor, I am very lucky have great doctors and Asthma team at the hospital.

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