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Seretide and spiriva respimat

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I have been taking seretide 250 for three months. Today my doctor prescribed an additional spiriva respimat inhaler. Do any of you also have such a set of inhalers and after how long did your asthma improve? Thanks in advance for all answers.

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Hi the respimat I didn’t get on with too much the handihaler is a slightly higher dose and it was a total game changer for me and it really helped. I just didn’t get on with the device itself. Good luck with it all 🙂

I don't take seretide (I have in the past, just didn't get on with it)

But I'm on fostair and spiriva respimat and before fostair I was on duoresp spiromax

I improved pretty quickly with the spiriva and breathing eased quite quickly, the issue in having now is I keep getting chest infections (probably unrelated to the medication and a sign my asthma control is off)

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Getting chest infections wouldn't mean your asthma isn't controlled - rather your asthma control could be unsettled by having chest infections, although it's entirely possible for control to still be good and the asthma "copes" through the infection.

More infections in recent months could be as a result of having not really mixed as normal for a year or so and, like all people, when we start doing that again or are in different situations, we pick up all sorts - hence why so many more people have had colds this summer compared with normal.

It's good the spiriva helped your asthma though - and I hope the infections stop bothering you!

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to twinkly29

Sorry twinkly I should have said this has been going on for years and the latest theory is mucus is getting stuck in a lung and becoming an irritated inflamed breeding ground ...... so the theory Is although my asthma is *mostly* well controlled and breathing I'm fine, its not normal to get chest infections every 2 months at best

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twinkly29 in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Ah yes - and no not normal, or wanted!

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to twinkly29

No not wanted

I average 6-8 courses of antibiotics and steroids a year and have done for the last 3-4 years .... I got refused life insurance a few years ago based on the amount of steroids and antibiotics I had had

I'm going back to the respiratory clinic for "further investigation " as my gp isn't happy either

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twinkly29 in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Ah glad you're being investigated further, definitely needs doing!

I'm not on Seretide but Relvar and Sprivia.

I was put on Sprivia earlier this year but with my circumstances it took about 8 weeks to have an effect but it's really eased the chest and helped to reduce my ventolin usage as well.

Hi I take seretide and spiriva handihaler for asthma and Copd. I can honestly say spiriva has been my life saver since been diagnosed 10 years ago with copd, asthma I've had most of my life I'm 61 now. I've tried fostair instead of seretide the side effects were dreadful so back to old faithful seretide, to be honest they've tried to take spiriva from me... Not a hope in hell. Ive had a few chest infections over the years but relatively well never missed work etc. Im unwell now with chest issues but think the last 18 mths has effected everyone. Hope spiriva works for you like it has for me, within weeks I felt much better. Take care.

I’m on Spiriva and to be honest I haven’t noticed any huge benefits from it but when I mentioned it to my hospital respiratory nurse she said don’t even think about coming off it. Apparently my small airways at the end are very small (alveoli?) and this is where Spiriva works best. So happy to carry on with it as they have been superb at looking after me. Also on fostair and injections.

Hi, i have been on seretide for quite a while and then a few months ago my peak flow decreased, eventually i was put onto the added inhaler of spiriva respimat. For me it took my peak flow up to a level of what i normally get and i would say it took about 5 days to improve my asthma. So i am still taking it and feeling ok. All i will say is always rinse out your mouth after as i developed a very sore tongue and mouth and then realised what it was. So after every dose ( once a day) i rinse out with water. Good luck with it!

I add on Spiriva when my asthma is particularly bad and it helps me instantly.

yep thats what I'm on along with monteluk. Works brilliantly

I was on Spiriva and it worked immediately. However, after several weeks my blood pressure went really high and I had to find a different inhaler from the same group. The asthma nurse took my BP before I started treatment with Spiriva so it was easy to pin point it as the culprit. At least there are other options if it doesn't suit you.

I’ve been taking spiriva fir a few years now and am very grateful for good results

Have used seretide twice a day and spiriva (usuaiily) miday.for 6 months.My asthma is hope fully controlled now and have not used blue reliever for 3 months.I know it will not get better but will settle for it not getting worse.The spiriva is needed.

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