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Indigestion with steroids

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Hi just a question about indigestion remedy omaprazole. I have the, white uncoated prednisolone and they always, give me terrible indigestion how, soon can I take it after taking steroids, Wish you could still get the red gastro resistant steroid never had trouble with them. Only been on steroids, 2 days, and in agony with indigestion already

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I'm on both pred (white ones) and omeprazole anyway and just take them at the same time. I think it's possible to take Gaviscon in addition to omeprazole if it's bad (and obviously this is a short term thing not lifelong) although it might be an idea to check with your GP if the omeprazole isn't enough.

I always take omeparzole an hour or so before any other medication including pred. Like twinkly said you can have gaviscon as well but 2 hours after or before other meds. I don't know what dosage of omprazole your on.? Im on 20mg a day and if in pain I can increase to 40mg as well as take gaviscon when I want usally helps.

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Hi thankyou they are 20mg. Our Docs won't give the gastro resistant even though I ask. Also hospitals only prescribe the cheaper ones. I was given them last year in hosp, and told them I suffer so they gave me the omaprozole to take. Luckily I have some left.

Hi Tvpuzzle

I’m interested to hear that you can’t get the gastro resistant pred..? I have it and have always been prescribed it. Try pushing your GP - they only give the un-coated because it’s cheaper but if you are really suffering it’s a false economy.

Fingers x

Good Luck🤞🤞


Poor you. I was told to take the Omeprazole half an hour before food, and steroids with or after food. Omeprazole works by stopping the stomach from producing the acid which then refluxes and gives that horrible indigestion feeling, so you need to give it a chance to work. If you're taking the steroids on an empty stomach, that can also cause indigestion.

Hope that helps a little.

Definitely as Pipsqueak77 said, ask again for the gastroresistant stuff! I didn't even know it existed till last year, and it makes such a difference. Omeprazole works by reducing the acid in your stomach, and I'm not sure if that would affect pred - not sure what it is about it that gives us indigestion but if it's due to anything other than an increase in acid then the omeprazole won't help.

I'm so sorry this sounds miserable. I'm assuming you are but just asking to confirm--are you taking the pills with food? I find I have to eat more neutrally when I'm pred. Lots of bread and water. Hope you find some answers!

Hi, about 2 hours before...but the omeprazole is long lasting, I have Lansoprazole, same thing really..and I take mine at night.. then pred in the morning..I have transferred onto the soluble pred..I find it much easier on the tummy..I have breakfast, then take the pred..then a cuppa..this way your omeprazole will work over night..then your breakfast will line your tummy then the pred on top..if you are still struggling, then 2 hours after taking the pred you can have additional indigestion tabs like gaviscon..but I would definately check this bit with your gp or pharmacist..I used to have the red coated pred too..sad they stopped them..but do enquire sbout the soluble..hope this helps..H x

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Thankyou Helen very much appreciated good advice. X

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