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Covid positive advice please

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So even after 2 covid vaccinations I have been found positive on PCR for Covid. Probably brought home from my child at school (someone in class positive).This is day 3 of symptoms with cough,fever, and shortness of breath. Started out as headache and sore throat and had negative lateral flow tests.

Now my chest is super tight and sore, dizzy when coughing. Sats are sitting around 95% but my PEFR is well down, and coughing up green thick sputum dince yesterday pm.

So those who have had Covid what made you feel better asthma wise or other?

Thanks in advance.

Filo x

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Breathing exercises. Covid breathlessness was not improved by asthma meds for me (also I knew it was definitely not my asthma because it feels very different). But breathing exercises helped massively. Done when symptomatic it relieves the tightness and shortness of breath. Ok they need doing regularly at times but as things improve, they need doing less often.

Ideas in this link. The breathing rectangle I found best for me but am sure it's a personal thing.

Also cough, tightness etc could be normal in anyone with covid so although obviously keep an eye on how things go, having had your vaccines hopefully it'll be just like having a rubbish cold or other virus.

To add to twinkly29 reply. Whilst Covid often doesn't affect your asthma it also can set things off - if you're worried about your symptoms do call your GP or 111 for advice, they won't see you in person, but can prescribe antibiotics or steroids if they think they might be required.

Hi Filobabe. I was told that green phlegm indicates bacterial infection. Might be worth ringing your GP or 111 to see if you would benefit from a course of antibiotics

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twinkly29 in reply to Troilus

This can be true but it can also just as likely be viral infection or not infection at all. Of course, yes, people should call their GP if they're concerned but green doesn't always mean bacterial infection.

Thanks all. Green sputum isnt always bacterial no, it is a result of an immune response though which is a likely infection- viral (which Covid is) or bacterial.However, due to other health issues the GP advised antibiotics and steroids, with a proviso if sats drop or overall worsen to seek further advice/ED.

I am mindful of here not being a place for diagnosis especially as I am a nurse myself, but just wondered what people had found useful to help with Covid and asthma. Thanks all

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twinkly29 in reply to Filobabe

Hope the rest of the covid experience passes you by without causing you further problems!

Hi I currently have Covid and have a bad cough and shortness of breath, I spoke to my Gp yesterday and she advised me to increase my pred to around 30mg and if my sats drop below 90 its hospital. They have been around 92 or 93. My doc also said to watch out for signs of bacterial infection including fever and coughing coloured crap. At the moment mine is all in my throat which while very uncomfortable isn't to bad.

I have found breathing exercises helpful and lots of water and rest.

Hope you feel better soon

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Filobabe in reply to Angelgoth

Hi Angelgoth,Your experience sounds similar to mine, although my GP gave me antibiotics too. They also said sats shouldn't fall below 92% before considering hospital. I am still feverish on day 4 and have started Pred so will see how that goes.

I hope you feel much better soon. Take care.

Breathing exercise to clear chest and gallons of water strangely with a little lemonade in it as it seemed to refresh my dry mouth more. You make me realise though why so many people havnt had the jab and say it’s pointless 😊no joke intended , do ask your asthma nurse though for meds that help clear chest better as I had nothing until I learned here 👍🏻👌

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Js706 in reply to Dizzart

The jabs definitely aren’t pointless though - they might not completely stop people from getting covid but they reduce the chance of needing hospitalisation by over 90%, even for the new delta variant

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twinkly29 in reply to Js706

Absolutely agree, Js706. If the vast majority of the vaccinated have covid (if they get it)! that's actually no worse/no different to other viruses then that's great - and then no different to other illnesses including colds and flu. Yes a handful of people might still need hospital but that happens with flu and other illnesses too - and not just for the confirmed vulnerable either.

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Filobabe in reply to twinkly29

I agree to a point. We are all individuals however, and some have other health conditions or factors that increase the risk of being unwell. Especially those that were ECV for a number of reasons, obese, ethnicity, diabetes etc.I think we should take each case on its own and assess appropriately. It is not fair to say that because you have been doubly vaccinated you should be fine either. Being aware of when to seek medical advice is really important.

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twinkly29 in reply to Filobabe

No but that's not quite what I meant. Maybe I didn't phrase it well (and was agreeing in principle that the vaccines ARE important!) but certainly didn't mean it in a blanket way - although many who think they're vulnerable (as opposed to clinically vulnerable or extremely vulnerable) will not have given a second thought to illness of any kind pre-covid and (for them) being double vaccinated should move having covid into the realms of other illnesses.

Of course with those who have complex conditions, especially as you say a myriad of factors, then they might well be more concerned or in some cases more at risk. Those people will need to have individual conversations with their HCPs I think - including about when to seek help, as you mentioned - as they will be in the minority when it comes to things changing. Absolutely not any less important of course but individual.

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Dizzart in reply to Js706

I am pleased to hear that as I’ve been out and about more but still concerned about lifting restrictions especially as I live in s Holliday area

Yes and take antibiotics and or steroid if needed as soon as poss as I was worse cos I stupidly thought I could fight it off ☹️

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