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Not sure what to do

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Hi. This is a first time post. I've struggled to keep my asthma under control for 5 months, since my vaccine. I had a bad flare up 2 weeks ago. My doctor prescribed Prednisone 40mg for 5 days plus antibiotics. This didn't seem to help, and I returned to the surgery on Tuesday. Doctor said my chest is still congested with 'crackling' all over, and prescribed another 5 day Pred burst. Tomorrow is day 5, but I don't feel any better. My peak flow is 250 (usually 400. My chest is tight, I feel pressure, and i'm coughing constantly. The chest pressure is the worst. I'm off work, and resting.

My doctor said I can't have a nebuliser and that Pred is the most he can give me. I have Avascular Necrosis and very thin skin, so I'm reluctant to see my doctor again on Monday for a third dose of steroids. I want to feel better, but don't know what to do? Is it appropriate to go to A&£ or call 111? Any advice welcome.

P.S I take Spiriva, Flutiform, and Alvesco. I'm doubled up on inhalers and have been for 2 weeks.

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If you are no better then I think you need to be seen, so either A&E or call 111 and they can maybe make you an OOH appointment. Have you had a covid test to rule that out?

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pixy18 in reply to twinkly29

Hi. I've just had a Covid test, and all clear. Asthma has been well controlled for years, but struggling now. 2 x 5 day courses of Pred. I'm having to use my Ventolin a lot. not sure if I should sit it out. I wish my doctor would give me nebs but he says that it isn't protocol?Does A&E seem a bit extreme?

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twinkly29 in reply to pixy18

Asthmatics don't usually have nebs at home because it can mask how unwell someone is - for those who do it certainly shouldn't be a GP decision to just give home nebs. If someone needs nebs then really they should be at a&e or in hospital because they need reviewing.

If you don't want to go to A&E then phone 111. Gaps better the pred courses probably aren't helping so as it sounds like you need more and it's now the weekend, you need to be seen by someone.

This post explains what you should do and when:

Thank you so much for your advise.

I am not medically qualified. The steroid should make breathing easier but you also need courses of antibiotics to fight the infection. Have you had more than one course?

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pixy18 in reply to Thomas45

Hi. Ive had 2 courses of Pred and 1 course of antibiotics.

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Thomas45 in reply to pixy18

It's the antibiotics which clear your lungs by killing the infection. I would ask for more., But if you can also phone 111 for advice.

i'd go to A&E or call 111 and they are likely to tell you to go to A&E

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pixy18 in reply to CharlieLondon

Thank you x

Do you mean since your covid vaccine? I had a reaction to my flu jab several years ago which made my trachea hypersensitive basically constantly coughing. It seems the same has happened since my covid jab..i have a constant tickle. I have tried pititon as the pollen count is apparently so high, are you affected my pollen? Just a thought. I hope you get this sorted and feel better soon.

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pixy18 in reply to Karenhskippy

Yes, I've really struggled to keep asthma under control since 1st Covid jab in Feb.

Do you have allergies? If you suffer, it could be that causing the problems and then adding fexofenadrine and montelukast might help. The other thing is being tested for eosiphinilic asthma. I was in the same cycle until I was diagnosed and started the right treatment!

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pixy18 in reply to SFExpat

Yes I have lots of allergies. I take Fexafenadine for them, but I think the high pollen count hasn't helped me. x

Good Morning Pixy18,

If I were in your position and I had transport, I would phone 111 and try to get an emergency doctor appointment. Then you would get help and a second opinion without winding your regular doctor up. If I was unlucky enough to get no help from 111, I would seriously consider going to A&E. In different circumstances this worked for me. The news media make light of vaccine side effects but they can be serious.


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pixy18 in reply to Ken6

Thank you. x

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KBalders in reply to Ken6

Agree, I’ve found that hospital doctors have always been excellent with asthma/ breathing problems when going at weekends or when doctors surgery’s are shut. I’d definitely recommend that route..wait til the end of today and call 111, that way you could be sorted out and feeling better very soon…

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to KBalders

I wanted to jump in here and say that if someone needs A&E or other urgent help for asthma, they should not wait until after hours to go.

I get that GPs may be unhelpful, but waiting to call 111 if asthma is deteriorating and needs more than a GP can be dangerous. 111 can also send you to A&E if needed, or there are walk ins and urgent cares within many A&Es that you can use in the daytime (as well as after hours) if a GP surgery is really not helpful. They can also reroute to A&E if needed.

I see that Pixy has gone to A&E which was the right thing to do.

Please go to a & e or call respiratory consultant / asthma nurse if you have one. Hope you get sorted soon.

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pixy18 in reply to Stacey40

Thank you. x

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