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Difficult doctor or just me

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Hi, I haven't been on here for a while, my mum died 2 years ago folled by my brother in law 2 weeks after, both cases with sitting round their bed in ICU making the decision to swith off there life support. So it's been tough. But I would like to know your opinion on my predicament at the moment. So developed a chest infection and my usual go to is antibiotics and steroids. I was put on Azithromycin just under 3 months ago, and this is the first chest infection I have had since I started them. Now I saw this doctor at my surgery and he refused to give me steroids. Saying they would lower my immune system and they are no good for my bones. I had numerous rounds of antibiotics and steroids before the Azithromycin. He listened to my chest over a t shirt and blouse. And still refused steroids. My asthma is eosinophilic asthma so I cough up loads of junk off my chest. So much so it chokes me and blocks my throat. The last infection I thought I was going to die as this happened. So I am seeing this doctor again tomorrow morning and I have been using my blue inhaler a lot, to try to stop the wheeze of the mucus I can feel in my lungs. I am on antibiotics but I don't know what to expect tomorrow as I know he will refuse me steroids again. He prescribed me some antibiotics that made me throw up in the first place which I had to ring to get the ones I usually take. Any advice please on this situation. Thank you

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Hi first sorry for your loss and second if you are not happy with this doctor you do know that you can see another doctor for a second opinion it is your right ( I was told this by a new doctor who was so shocked to find out that I did see 7 other doctors before him and thay all brushed my symptoms of Colon Cancer under the rug and stopped my epilepsy medicine just because I couldn't keep it down this doctor no 8 fixed everything and told me that I had the right to sue over the other 7 ) so use your right as you might end up worse than you think because of this doctor and don't give up you know you better than any doctor.

Good luck

Thank you for your reply Wintersbite, I have been trying to see my own doctor but keep getting this doctor. I will see what he says this morning and if I don't get anywhere I'll ask reception to get me an appointment with my regular doctor. My doctors surgery has been so hard to even see a doctor face to face let alone get one to speak to you. Fingers crossed It goes well this morning.

Good luck to you and just keep trying hope it all works out

Thank you so much, I will do. And I'm so glad you got sorted out finally with doctor number 8.

Sometimes it just unfortunately takes that long until you see the right doctor but just don't give up as you know that something's not right and if you feel that this doctor and other doctors are not listening to you or being helpful like giving you a medicine that you have on repeat then it's your right to keep on until the matter is sorted as in both our cases we have been issued medicine for a certain health reason and it's supposed to be issued and when it is required my case for epilepsy your case asthma related illnesses and this has not been done the risk from this is health getting worse and risk of hospital due to delay in correct medication.

Hi, I'm back from seeing the doctor, I had spoken to an Asthma UK nurse yesterday and she suggested I ask him what the hospital had said going forward with flairs. So I told him I had been in touch with asthma UK and as soon as I said that his attitude changed, he checked what the asthma nurse said and what the hospital said. And it said I could have a rescue pack of antibiotics and steroids. So he has agreed to do that. So he has prescribed me my rescue pack and also took my blood pressure and checked my chest. My blood pressure is a concern now so I have to do it at home for a week and take the results in. So it was possitive this morning. He had to take notice as you said we know our bodies better than anyone and you know what works.

Well done and that's great news about the doctor listening to you shame it was a little bit late that your health has suffered as a result but at least you're not in hospital so that is good news

Yes I'm quite pleased I managed to get through to him. And no not ended up in hospital thank goodness. Thank you for chatting with me. And stay safe. Take care x

Sorry I've been out just got your reply I'm glad to hear that and your very welcome that's what this site is for help and advice and good luck with your treatment get well soon.

All the best take care friend

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