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Controlled asthma & allergies- reducing meds

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Hey guys,

I’m currently on a range of meds for my allergies and asthma. Since being on Xolair, my asthma and allergies are so well controlled that both my Respiratory Specialist and Immunology Consultant are happy to start reducing my meds gradually.

Has anyone reached this stage of their treatment? Although I’m excited, I’m slightly apprehensive.

They want to reduce the following:

- Flutiform: 2 puffs twice a day to once a day

- Loratadine: 4 times a day to gradually reduce to once a day

- Montelukast: stop

All other meds I’m taking will remain the same.

I guess my real question is whether anyone has experienced a reduction on several meds? It seems ambitious to me but I do receive great care and trust them with my health.

(I want to caveat this in the interest of safety- I’m not looking for any specific advice regarding this, just simply want to hear of other peoples experiences ☺️)

Thanks in advance!

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Possibly not helpful as it's not quite the same but I had a couple of meds reduced/stopped a while back and I had to do one at a time as my body wasn't keen on the straight change to both - that's possibly partly just my body though and I didn't have the bonus of working xolair!

My only advice would be to keep monitoring symptoms, peak flow etc to help track how its going but hopefully they would all be suggesting that anyway.

And I'm really glad xolair is working so well for you!

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MrsCMK in reply to twinkly29

Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly be taking one med at a time, my little lungs have done me proud until now so don’t want to undo all the hard work ☺️

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twinkly29 in reply to MrsCMK

Good plan! I hope the Xolair is so magical that your body accepts the changes happily!

that's such good news! I'm in a different situ but i have been advised to stop montelukast and change from fostair to relvar while i await my referral for biologics. I came off montelukast 5 days ago and actually feel a bit better so i would confidently say asthma symptoms have not been affected so far. Good luck with reducing. How are the biologics by the way? I'm excited about getting them but also apprenshive

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MrsCMK in reply to CharlieLondon

Thanks for sharing your experience with stopping montelukast- this is the one I’m most apprehensive about stopping, before Xolair it was my wonder drug (I haven’t wheezed since the month I started it 3 years ago). I think I’ll only tinker with this once I’ve had a good response from reducing the others.

Biologics have been amazing for me. I feel super grateful that I’ve had such a great response after such a short period of time but also feel bad for this as very few severe asthmatics reach this point. I hope they work for you too! From what I’ve read, when they work for people, they really do make a difference. Fingers crossed for you

Glad to hear it's going well, how long have you been on Xolair? I've had three doses so far and not noticed any difference. Currently whacked up on steroids coping with the weather/pollen! I have another dose booked in a week's time when they assess things.

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Tree20862 in reply to ccccc

It took me 9 months to see a minor difference but after 18 months I did a lot better. For some it takes time. Be patient.

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MrsCMK in reply to ccccc

I’ve been on Xolair for 16 months but for reassurance, I didn’t feel any relief until after my 4th dose (the change was almost overnight). I remember feeling pretty horrific after my 3rd dose though.

I hope you start to feel some relief soon 🙏🏻

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ccccc in reply to MrsCMK

oh great, I've had my fourth today so here's hoping!

I've managed to get down to 5mg of pred and stopped my uniphyllin xSo far so good x

Hope you'll be OK x

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MrsCMK in reply to paula66

That’s brilliant. Thanks for sharing, it does make me feel more confident hearing of other peoples success stories

I too would be excited and apprehensive. I'm not sure I would do all that at one time.

I wish you well on this journey!

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MrsCMK in reply to Tree20862

Thank you 🙏🏻

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Tree20862 in reply to MrsCMK

Since being on Xolair, I have not needed prednisone as often and the last time I needed it, my doctor prescribed a 5 day burst and that was all I needed 😁😁😁.

I wish you well on this journey!

While I don’t feel competent to respond to how to reduce best, I think I understand how it feels, as I am having a similarish experience right now.

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MrsCMK in reply to Wheezycat

I hope you’re doing well with yours? 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Wheezycat in reply to MrsCMK

Sorry, I only spotted your response yesterday! Hope you are continuing to keep well with your biologics.

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