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Peak Flow going down... :(

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The last year and a half has been spectacular for me and my asthma. Since in August 2019 the doc swapped my meds (seretide 250 to symbicort 80 4.5) everything changed. I went from 500 peak flow to 645. No more phlegm, no infections, a lot of resistance..Excellent improvement of my condition.

But 2 weeks ago, I catched a cold (negative pcr), and I started a sinusitis that quickly affected my asthma. The doctor send me an antibiotic, sinusitis it's gone but I still feel inflamation on my bronchi, and my peak flow went from 640 to 540...still on my green area but I am very afraid. It's the 2nd day with prednisone 30mg...but Peak flow is not improving at all. I am feeling a lot of anxiety about the situation, I am afraid to lose all the won path....

Greetings from Majorca

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Prednisolone can take a few days to kick in so maybe just give it more time. But as you have said you are still in your green zone (85% is very good) so it might be that your symptoms are not actually your asthma but just still getting over the infection you had - it can take weeks for a full recovery from a cold or other infection.

I am not awful today but I feel my chest tight. My Peak Flow today is 530 (82% of my best), still in my green zone... Today I have less mucus, my chest is more dry...I don't know if this is good or not...Maybe the prednisone is doing something about that...Also I've noticed that my SABA or LABA are not making a big difference when I use them. I do not obtain a noticeable improve of my PF. So I supose that is part of the remaining infection... :(

It could be that your tightness is not caused by your asthma at this time - all sorts of things cause symptoms that are like asthma symptoms but if your peak flow is still good (particularly if it normally drops when your asthma is an issue) and especially if it's not improving with relief meds then it could be that the tightness is being caused by something else. It's unlikely post-infection recovery would stop a peak flow responding to relief medication - maybe at the initial stage but not by this stage.

One more in Majorca, just today, they opened my age gap for vaccination of covid-19. I think that maybe is not a good idea to get the vaccine meanwhile I am under prednisone and antibiotic... I think is better to wait 1-2 weeks, and maybe a I will have recovered a little bit... What do you think about that?

A lot of people on here have said that they've been told it's fine to have the vaccine. If you can it might be worth calling your doctor or nurse to ask. If they're happy your infection has cleared (the actual infection rather than the later recovery stages) they'll probably be happy but best to ask them.

Today I am feeling a little bit better. I noticed less inflamation, and my Peak Flow is recovering a few steps, and I reached 560. Far from my personal best 645 (87%), but bit by bit approaching to 600-620 that are my most usual numbers. It seems that prednisone finally has kicked-in. I cross fingers... Thursday I have an appointment with my doc, and I am not sure if the antibiotic "amoxicillin 750" it's working properly, I still have green/yellow phlegm and normally "azytromicin" works better for me. I am anxious to finish this flare up. 3 weeks no training due to that. If I cannot train, i feel how my lungs capacity and resistance goes down. When I can train, it's like another med for me. Also I will ask him about the covid-19 vaccine, I have my appointment on tuesday. Hope to be recovered and free of oral meds to don't interfere...

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