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Hay fever sucks

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Feel like I need to rant. 6 weeks after finishing a nine week course of steroids. To now be once again full of hay fever that’s making me feel rubbish and setting off my asthma off again so back on pred for a week. Nothing gives me a break or any long term control. As this is happening like every six weeks after finishing pred I’m back on it again due to chest kicking off 🤦🏻‍♀️

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It is indeed crappy. I don’t know what other meds you’re on but have you been considered for biologics?

Edit: just seen from your old posts that you’re on Xolair. I’m on it too - it hasn’t been amazing for me but has taken the edge off. Holding out hope for tezepelumab becoming available on the NHS one day as that’d be my only other viable option 🤞

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Lotti_321- in reply to Mogget

Sorry should have said, Yes on xolair, high dose steroid inhaler & plenty of other things! I’ve been on xolair about 18mnths & the hosp are evaluating whether to continue with it as not been as effective as they’d hope as having repeated exacerbations /steroids.

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Mogget in reply to Lotti_321-

Yeah you sound maxed out! Guess you’re trying to avoid having to go on daily pred. Really hope things settle for you, at least for a decent stretch of time 🤞

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Lotti_321- in reply to Mogget

Trying anything & everything to avoid daily pred! It just doesn’t feel a long term solution

Wow I hate hayfever season but haven't spent that long on steroids so can't imagine how bad it is for you! After having a flare up and having an overhaul of my meds in which I stopped using my reliever its all starting too creep back in again. I know when it starts as my eyes get bits in. Hard to explain to others but they start to get bits in which is annoying and a little uncomfortable but not the feeling of shards of glass that you can sometimes barely open your eyes, that comes later. I also know because my skin starts to itch, again annoying but not unbearable as the red blotchy irritated itchy skin comes later and the recently (last two years) hives and welts that I sometimes get from touching some foliage that is very uncomfortable. And the incredibly itchy throat and back of your nostrils that you feel like you need to rip out also comes late, at the moment I have just the annoying itchy nose and sneezes.I say it like this because I'm trying to gauge whether I need to be pushing for an allergist as I spend chunks of my summer avoiding the outdoors with windows shut, my husband has many days where he looks at me and will simply say 'oh dear, that's not normal' and will leave me be. 😂. Every year any allergy worsens my asthma because of hayfever season (mainly tree pollen in my case).

Ps I'm already on Fexofenadine 180mg and montelukast 10mg daily. Which the Fexofenadine doesn't touch it in the worst of the season. So advice and experience greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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ahfat41 in reply to Flowergirl78

I find using beconase nasal spray twice a day works well for me.

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Poobah in reply to Flowergirl78

Flowergirl, Tell me about the uncomfortable eyes! I couldn't read for two days, it was so uncomfortable to blink and focus. I always have eye drops on hand but they didn't help so this year I splashed out on Hycosan Original (£9.99) on the recommendation of the pharmacist and it has really helped, preservative free too. It's a moisturiser rather than a hay-fever remedy, but it's certainly made all the difference for me.

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twinkly29 in reply to Poobah

I think oak pollen is to blame at the moment - it's really high in some areas and eyes are particularly affected apparently. Not that knowing that might be the culprit (and of course might not) makes it go away....!

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Poobah in reply to twinkly29

First year I've had really bad eye problems with hay-fever and it's usually birch for me. I tell myself that hay-fever is the price we pay for trees, flowers and our beautiful countryside and I would hate to live in a desert.

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Lotti_321- in reply to Poobah

My eyes are awful at the moment, I was originally offered steroid eye drops for a few day but as it was affecting asthma as well the drs opted for oral pred!

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twinkly29 in reply to Lotti_321-

It would have been helpful if they could have done both as presumably the eye drops are localised. But maybe they aren't?! 😅

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Lotti_321- in reply to twinkly29

Not sure, but something I’ll ask

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Poobah in reply to Lotti_321-

Have a chat with the pharmacist who handles your prescriptions. They may be able to advise on a suitable eye drop that provides relief. 8f it works then you can ask for it to go on your prescription, unless it's cheaper OTC. I've changed the time I take my Montelukast from evening to morning to see if that helps my mid/late afternoon symptoms. Early days but so far, so good.

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twinkly29 in reply to Poobah

Yes me too. It's extra annoying with a new symptom or something because we don't necessarily have things to hand that might help!

No medics seem to understand how serious hay fever can be . I take Fecofenadine 180 mg. and Montelukas and I’m surrounded by oil seed rape fields, I am fine when the meds kick in , infact I think asthma is 50/50 pollutants . Good wishes 👍🏻🌼🌸🌻

You can try antihistamines like Fexofenadine as other repliers suggested, or desloratadine, both are non-sedating choices.

But if antihistamines fail, u may need steriod nasal spray such as beconase to control....steroid again, but a better choice than prednisolone in treating hay fever.

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Lotti_321- in reply to four4

Yep I should have included that, im on fexodenadine (twice a day), flixonase nasal spray & a antihistamine nasal spray, it’s just floored me this year!

Are you on antihistamine ? I take 180mg fexofenadine...ask your doc about it.I take Montelucast also xx

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Lotti_321- in reply to Airbags

Yep, sorry should have included in on fexodenadine twice a day & montelukast, Baal sprays & eye drops!x

Nothing more to add except i feel your pain with hayfever. That's always been my main issue until weird asthma decided to over complicate matters more so. 🤦‍♀️I'm so breathless today, not been like this in a while but not my usual out of control hayfever either? So bit confused tbh. But streaming eyes but not itchy... yea baffled. Every time I think I'm turning a corner the lungs remind me still not 100% happy with me...🤪🙄.

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