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Mepolizumab Injections

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I've been offered Mepolizumab injections, but am concerned about the side effects, could anyone who have these let me know how they find them please. I have just been weaned off daily predisonole & use Symbicort inhaler.

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Hi, I had mepo for just over a year unfortunately it wasn’t the right fit for my asthma long term (I also was on the trial for the mepo) and I have moved to another biological now but to answer your question both times I received it on the trial I had it IV every 4weeks and then later on when it was licensed I had the injection every 4 weeks the only side effects I ever had was just feeling very tired for 24/48 hours.

But everyone is different you may have no side effects or you may have different ones, it also may not be the right fit but there are also others to try.

My advice talk it through with your consultant but give it try especially if you have had prednisolone before I’m a long term user now finally down to 9mg and we all know what those side effects are like!

Wishing you luck with whatever you choose x

I have been on Mepo for 4 years now, I don't recollect any side effects, It has been the best thing ever for me. I was on Omalizumab for 4 years previously that helped me for the 1st couple of years and I seemed to go backwards after a bout of pneumonia.

Since being on Mepo I have not missed a day off of work due to asthma problems, I have stopped 4x daily nebs, I have had no hospital admissions for asthma, no steroids, I am still on Fostair, Spiriva, Montelukast, Ventolin only as required, reflux meds, HBP meds and heart meds re recent heart attack. I have only had 1 chest infection that I only had AB's

It has given me some normality back in my life, I am 67 still working part time, enjoying time with a new granddaughter (4 years old). I was diagnosed with asthma 1984 but always suffered chest infections, coughs as a young child.

Been on mepolizumbab for five years and it certainly transformed my life for the better. I hardly get asthma symptoms. At 75 I’m able to enjoy travelling, trekking and many other things that I was unable to do before mepo. Only side effects I get is headache occasionally. Hope that is helpful

My son on the injections for about 7 years now, Turned his life around and no side effects.

I haven’t got any side effects, maybe the odd headache sore throat but I would gladly suffer a multitude of side effects to have the benefits it gives me. I’ve gone from not much I can do to not much I can’t do.

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