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Hello, I have tried everyone I can about this issue, and no one, has ever heard of it before or are completely amazed by it. What am I on about: my stats are about 97 or so, when on the move, but, and it’s a huge but!!! The minute I sit down, my stats start dropping, no I’m not out of breath or feeling unwell, but my stats drop to 89 to 93. I have absolutely hunted through every webpage and website trying to find out why, and no one has any clue what’s so ever, so please please, if you have a hint or something to explain it, please let me know. Thank you for reading this post, stay safe.

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In asthma, oxygen levels are very unreliable as a measure of any issues as often levels can be perfectly ok even in an acute attack. Also the probes/devices can be unreliable and/or all sorts of things can affect readings (eg cold fingers).

It is a bit odd that yours seem to decease at rest (and I have no idea why that would be either, unless it's simply a case of you breathe in a better way when walking), but I think, given you don't feel any different or unwell, I'd just ignore it and stop checking!

Hello jinnty I'm foxy I have smiler cerniro like you when I'm sitting my stats come to 88-92 but when I'm walking it drops to 80-70 or under know what I was told our heart beats goes faster it's cause our hearts our helping our lungs to fet oxygen each people's body is different it reacts differently main thing is atleast you can go out enjoy the sun and when you sit try to sit up straight and do your breath in technic which physiotherapist teeach you in hospital good luck

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador

[EDIT this was written in response to a now-deleted reply to the post, which mentioned 'acceptable' target sats levels]

I can't help with Jinnty's question, but did want to just flag that 'acceptable' or target sats levels are different in COPD and asthma. 90-93% is probably fine for you given you have COPD as well, but in someone with 'just' asthma that wouldn't be ideal.

I appreciate you've said these levels are usual and aren't a problem 'for you' but you then say generally only 88% or lower is worrying. Generally if someone with just asthma is having asthma symptoms and their sats readings are 90-93%, that is actually worrying and should be seen as a problem; they'd likely have high 90s or even 100% as 'normal' sats when well.

Also, as Twinkly has pointed out, sats aren't that reliable in asthma so you could also be having a severe attack with higher sats than this - but generally a competent healthcare professional treating asthma wouldn't/shouldn't be happy with 90-93%.

This may well not be relevant to Jinnty as they appear not to be having asthma symptoms with these sats drops. I suspect most people with asthma causing the drop would be feeling pretty rubbish and struggling a lot at 89-93%!

However, I did want to reply about 90-93% being 'fine' for others reading this, because COPD and asthma are different in this respect (and some others of course).

I apologise for my incorrect advice. I was only trying to help. I have taken my replies off now and am leaving the site.

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twinkly29 in reply to hypercat54

Oh you don't need to leave! I think Lysistrata was just making sure others reading didn't think lower levels were ok in asthma (without COPD) as there are quite a lot of new posters who might not know.

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hypercat54 in reply to twinkly29

Oh I haven't got the hump or anything as I can take being corrected. It's just that I obviously don't know enough to help anyone here and I won't knowingly give out incorrect information. So there is no point me staying. Take care. x

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Jinnty89 in reply to Lysistrata

Hello, I don’t have COPD, I just have asthma. I have asked a lot of people about it, and they say that because it’s when I’m sitting, it doesn’t matter and it’s nothing to worry about. But, as I said, I was just hoping that someone would have a wee idea about it. But, thank you for replying to my post, it’s very much appreciated. Take care and stay safe.

Just a thought, Are your hands warm when you take the reading? We recently had my mother in law who ( doesn't have asthma but Bronchiecstasis) call the doctor in the family, my bro in law, in the middle of the night as her sats when to 85, he rushed round to her house and discovered that her hands were really cold, once he warmed them up her sats were normal. She was very worried of course, but now she is getting much more reliable results! So I would check with your GP and make sure operator error is not at work. But totally agree with other comments on the subject.

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Jinnty89 in reply to risabel59

Hello, thank you for taking the time to reply. Yes I do take it with warm hands, and I check it with both hands. I think unfortunately it is just one of those things that are weird and “normal “ to me. So, I’ll just have to accept it is how it is. Thank you and stay safe.

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