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Continuous cough and mucous

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Hi, I don’t post much but I do read and appreciate all your contributions which I have found very helpful.

I’ve just been told that the continuous cough and difficult to clear mucous on my chest is not due to my asthma.

The hosp con offered no other explanation other than ‘it could have something to do with your gut’

I do get acid reflux sometimes even tho I take a ppi twice a day. Could it be that? To be honest, I was disappointed with the hosp con as he couldn’t offer any insight or further advice and I’d waited 18 months for the appointment.

So, do any of you suffer with this? I would love to hear from anyone who has been told their coughing and mucous is not asthma related, but something else.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, you sound just like me. I have acid reflux too which is common in asthmatics. I find I get mucous and coughing more after I've eaten something I shouldn't ie to much spicy food, chocolate or to much beer although I take ppis every day. So really it's about watching your diet to help prevent this.

Allergies is another reason I cough and get mucous which I take antihistamines for.

There are lots of reasons why you could be coughing and have to much mucous so you should take an antihistamine if you don't already if that don't help seek advice from your gp.

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Sing-Song in reply to andy121

Thanks Andy121I do take an antihistamine but after what you’ve said, I’ll take more notice of my diet.

I was just disappointed that the hosp con just said ‘it could be your gut’ and nothing else remotely helpful.

So any input from people like you is gratefully received. Thanks again.

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twinkly29 in reply to Sing-Song

Can you go back to your GP and say 'ok the consultant said this, what else can I do/you do to investigate or tackle this if it's linked to the gut?'?

It's not exactly helpful of the consultant to just leave you but equally if they're respiratory then it's not their area so maybe the GP could help?

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Sing-Song in reply to twinkly29

Thanks, yes, I am going to report back to my Gp.

When the hosp con said it could be something to do with my gut, I asked him, do you mean acid reflux ? and his reply was ‘maybe’ I honestly felt so deflated.

That’s why I thought of asking all you lovely people out there, sharing experiences and thereby helping each other.

Many thanks for replying.

I get similar symptoms and take Omeprazole for it as I also have a hiatus hernia and therefore a lot of reflux. This is accentuated if I have spicy/greasy foods. I also habe bronchomalatia, collapsed airways, which hold the mucus more. I cannot sleep on my back without a raspy sound coming from my chest. Hope this helps?

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Sing-Song in reply to garywake

Thank you garywake for taking the time to reply. It certainly does help.

I had a lung operation a few years ago and ever since I have had the issue with the coughing and mucous I found it worse in the winter months and normally by now it would ease up but ever since lockdown I've had trouble shifting it and mine has nothing to do with the gut once I'm able to get some more antihistamines hopefully that will help like last year if not then I will need to see my GP as the coughing is getting really bad but I have found a type of fizzy drink helps shift the mucous so when it gets really bad I buy a 500ml of Dr pepper and that gets rid for a few hours maybe try this as a cheap Idea.

Good luck

Oh gosh Dr Pepper?? Worth a try as you say !

Like I said any fizzy type drink should do I just use Dr pepper as I don't like fizzy water and I'm allergic to Coke as it's the fizz that is the help because its lifting the rubbish with the bubbles and helping you bring it up gently eg by burping, sneezing or a cough that doesn't hurt as much just because the fizz and bubbles tickle so much.

Hope this helps and good luck

Hi, I have had the same issue for 10 months. Consultant initially labelled me with 'uncontrolled asthma' and put me on a three week course of pred tablets and changed my inhalers. My peak flow readings are more stable now, but the cough and mucous are relentless despite Montelukast at bedtime and antihistamines and nasal spray during the day. He has finally arranged for me to have a CT scan, next Friday. In over 40 years of living with asthma I have never had a cough with it. He is keen to get to the root of the issue, and can see how very frustrated I am getting. I am hoping this is a step in the direction of getting it sorted out.

I hope the ct scan helps to diagnose the cause of your cough. I share your frustration. I would be interested to know if your cough/mucous turns out to be related to your gut/acid reflux.Best wishes and thanks for replying.

A friend of mine had those symptoms and it was diagnosed as gastric reflux

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Sing-Song in reply to Tigerpaws

Thanks Tigerpaws. It helps to know that. I’m going to ask my Gp to investigate further.

I don’t really cough in the conventional sense, but I’m constantly having to clear mucous from my lungs - at no time have I been told this is reflux, but there is some uncertainty about the cause, either asthma and/or COPD. Sometimes it is necessary to treat the symptoms as well as the cause because, even with standard treatments for the cause, the symptoms may still persist.

I can’t comment on the cause in your case but, it it were lung-related, then montelucast and/or carbocysteine would be the obvious choices for that type of symptom. However, these are both only available on prescription so, if your consultants are disinclined to prescribe either, you could try N-acetyl cysteine, which is available from health stores; I use it and find it helpful.

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