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Vaccination and asthma flare up?

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Has anyone had a flare up after the CoV 2 SARS vaccination? I’m due the first one this week. I see that people in other areas of Health Unlocked, such as some of those with rheumatoid arthritis have had flare ups of their disease. Rare or not so rare? I would like to be prepared, if possible.

Thank you!

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Some people say they did, others not at all....and for those who did it may well have been coincidence. It may not have been too but it's impossible to say for sure, especially as common side effects can leave people feeling unwell anyway.

On the other hand, others have been sure their asthma has improved afterwards....again who knows whether it was the vaccine, coincidence or something else..... but just monitor things as usual and treat as you would with any other flare if you need to.

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Some12U in reply to twinkly29

Thank you, Twinkly29. It does seem there’s mixed reactions but overall not real asthma aggravation. Even in fact improvement in symptoms in some cases. I suppose the immune system is sitting up and taking notice!As I’m just getting over a flare, I didn’t want another. So fingers crossed. 🤞

I have cough variant asthma and I’m sure my asthma improved after the first injection and stayed that way for several weeks. It was lovely. Due my second jab this coming Sunday and will see what happens.

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Some12U in reply to Oldandgray

That’s very positive, Oldandgray! Thank you.

Like Oldandgray my asthma has improved. I had Astra Zeneca and I’m on half the drugs I was before I had it! It’s amazing. I had other unpleasant side effects but that’s another story....

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Some12U in reply to Lynneypin

Thank you Lynneypin, very good to hear of your needing less medication after the AstraZeneca vaccine. Sorry about the unpleasant side effects, though.

I have non-eosinophilic asthma and it improved after first vaccination (Oxford AZ).

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Some12U in reply to Poobah

Thank you. That’s very positive, Poobah. I hope it stays that way.

No, none at all. A slightly throbbing, stiff arm & a bit of fatigue (plus a sore head cured with one paracetamol) all of which were gone in two days.

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Some12U in reply to Jimmy-Lyden

Thank you Jimmy-Lyden. It sounds as if one could cope with that.

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Jimmy-Lyden in reply to Some12U

Yeah, it's a doddle.

Afraid I did get a severe asthma attack two days after the AstraZeneca jab, which left me flared up for about 2 weeks. I also got the full gamut of fluey-symptoms including a fever, but it passed in 48 hours.

My GP suspects the attack was ‘viral induced’. But I’m very much at the beginning of my asthma journey and I don’t think my asthma was well controlled in general, at that point.

Some medication tweaks and it got better. Haven’t noticed any long term changes.

I’m sure you'll be fine! Just make sure to contact your GP/ asthma nurse if you feel a flare up/ have an attack.

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Some12U in reply to FMCN

A severe asthma attack is rather worrying, FMCN. Did you go to hospital? What did they think? It was just 2 days after the vaccine, but it sounds as though as if your G.P and yourself thought there were other causal factors at play. I’m glad you had no lasting effects, and you sound settled. I will certainly ask for medical help if I have a flare up. Thanks!

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FMCN in reply to Some12U

I should have gone to hospital! I did not though, as I have a chronic condition called "I believe I can power through-itis". Definitely learned my lesson with that misconception!

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Some12U in reply to FMCN

I’m familiar with that condition! I’m very glad you came through it unscathed. As time goes on, we get to know our asthma very well and get help when we need it. 🙂

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Itswonderful in reply to FMCN

😂😂😂😂. Yes I know well. My husband has it and it is severe in his case 😆

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stevietalak in reply to FMCN

I had the first jab and next day nearly died, my friend said

and a headache for 9 days, the GP said

"headache is a symptom of covid"

and i had to disagree but did call the covid line 119 to get a test which they refused to send or book as i had "no symptoms" including the headache i told them about and what the GP had said, over the fone of course.

I shan't be getting the second jab

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Some12U in reply to stevietalak

Hi Stevietalak that sounds dreadful, I’m so sorry. Did you have a severe asthma attack? I read on one of the government’s websites that if you have Covid-type symptoms after the jab it’s because you actually had Covid already. It’s an easy answer, but who knows. It was a shame you couldn’t be tested. I do wonder though if they don’t want to clock up too many serious adverse reactions.

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twinkly29 in reply to Some12U

I think the advice is that of covid like symptoms are prolonged (more than a couple of days) or "severe" then it's more likely to be pre-acquired covid.

However, it's easy enough to book a test by just saying you have one of the box-ticking symptoms (it's really bizarre that only some symptoms are "allowed" for the tests given many people have covid with completely different ones!).

That said, with "headache", it's a bit odd fir the GP to pass that off as covid. Unless they meant it's a common symptom after the vaccine, which it is.

It really does seem random, whichever vaccine, as to whether people have had any reaction, some reaction or bad reactions (and of course any reaction or symptom is subjective anyway - just like some people consider a serious asthma attack to be hospital, others more than that, others much much less). Even between vaccines - some have had reactions to only the first, some the second and some neither. Probably some to both too.

However having had mild covid (yes even as a CEV severe asthmatic that's possible!), I would still rather a couple of days of a "pretend" covid if that makes sense than actual covid!

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Some12U in reply to twinkly29

Thank you for your conclusions twinkly29, well summed up as always. It’s been helpful to see the random nature of responses to the vaccine, and I’m grateful to everyone who replied. What a great forum this is! 😀

I had AZ Oxford vaccine nine weeks ago. No marked change in my asthma, Atrial Fibrillation lymphoedema, or foot drop.

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Some12U in reply to Thomas45

Thank you Thomas45, I’m very pleased to hear that.

I posted some weeks back re having a pronounced deterioration in my asthma after 23 years of it being ‘low’, stable & easily managed. This coincided with Sahara dust... Doubling my kelhale had no effect and I only improved when I was given Prednisolone but a second lot of S dust has set me right back again.

Since the vaccine I also had 4 bouts of gastroenteritis having severe pain lasting hours with the last one.

Since my family doctor of many years retired I don’t feel confident with the care from my local surgery - asthma seems to be a neglected area and receptionists repeatedly arrange for a nurse to get back to me instead of a doctor.

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Some12U in reply to CarnLesBoel

Thank you for your report CarnLesBoel. I saw your earlier post, as well. As you say it does look likely there’s a connection between your asthma which was mild and stable, and the way it worsened after the vaccine. I haven’t heard of Sahara dust in the U.K but surely it wouldn’t cause a permanent exacerbation in your asthma symptoms. I noticed you had a number of replies to your earlier post from others who felt sure that their asthma was worse after the vaccine. It’s food for thought.

I had OAZ two months ago. I had two days of feeling exhausted and aching. I had a little cough (very little) and a little wheeze. Hardly anything and it was gone in a couple of days. I had a mild but sharp headache for a week that faded every day.

Hi, Itswonderful, thank you for sharing your experience.

Hiya, I'm not sure if you've had the vaccine yet or not, but my asthma was perfectly fine after having the vaccine (I've had both doses). I had a slight migraine and aches with the first jab but I've felt absolutely normal since my second dose. I shouldn't expect it to affect your asthma specifically, rather you might just feel generally unwell like a cold IF you do get side effects. Good luck!

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Some12U in reply to itselenax

Thank you, that’s very helpful, itselenax,

Strange you say this as I had the astra zeneca one yesterday and 20-30 mins later my asthma cough flared up and SOB came back. Following day and SOB is up and down and cough still there but I also feel rubbish today so that may not help. Unfortunately I've got hit with the side effects but still worth having.

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Some12U in reply to Flowergirl78

Hi Flowergirl78I’m sorry to hear you felt awful, suffering the return of an asthma cough and S.OB. I had some side effects following the Astra Zeneca, mainly feeling mildly flu like for the first night and two days and also fatigued. I already had a cough from an prior asthma flare up. I rested up and recovered. I hope you got advice, and you feel better now.

I’m now perfectly fine. Yes it’s definitely worth having it for the peace of mind. ☺️

Both the shots caused a flare-up for me that lasted weeks. Just as the flare-up from the first shot was starting to die down, the second shot kicked it back up again.

The vaccine was Pfizer and my asthma is triggered by viruses.

I’m sorry to hear of your reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. We obviously all react differently, but there’s no doubt that these RNA vaccines have a significant affect on the immune system. I notice from all the posts it’s variable if one has a flare up, and how bad it is for us. Sometimes symptoms can be irritating, like an asthma cough, and hang on for weeks but not need medical attention. However I’d agree with you, we know when we’ve been triggered by something. I hope that your asthma has settled down again now.

I didn’t with the AZ jab but my mum did after both doses of her Pfizer jab. Each time for her the flare up came on after 3-4 days and lasted about a week. No other side effects for her though while I had dreadful flu-like symptoms and a fever! We’re all so different. It’s interesting as my mum and I usually react to colds in a similar way but her asthma is pretty mild whereas mine’s classed as severe.

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Some12U in reply to Artichokes

Thank you for your msg, Artichokes. I feel sorry for your mum, that’s a bit distressing. It’s certainly good that your severe asthma wasn’t triggered! If it helps, apparently flu like symptoms show a good immune response. I’m wondering if older people get less of these type of symptoms. Mine were mild and I’m 68. My Dad who is 94, had two Pfizer jabs but had no side effects at all. Though obvs I’m glad he didn’t suffer. 🙏

I’m on my second course of steroids since I had the vaccine a month ago. The first flare up was about 4 days after the AZ vaccine 😞

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