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Covid Vaccine long term effects and allergies


Hi, I hope everyone is keeping safe.I was invited for my covid vaccine in February however I am worried about taking it.

Along with asthma and hay fever I have other allergies and my body reacts to almost anything. I bruised easily and my skin is extremely sensitive so I just cannot make up my mine regarding taking this vaccine.

Also has anyone considered what might be the long term effects of taking this vaccine bearing in mind that no one knows how long it protects you from catching covid.

At the moment , I am socially distancing . I hardly go anywhere and so far I have not caught the virus.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Have a good evening


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Only you can make the decision. But for me it was a “no brainer “. Am grateful to live in a country where to be vaccinated is relatively easy. The vaccine HAS been tested thoroughly and the scare stories annoy me.I am CEV and as such just come out of shielding. Am due to 2nd jab in 2 weeks and can’t wait.

My understanding re allergies is that only people who use an epi pen are at possible greater risk.

Suggest you speak to gp about your concerns.

You can’t “hardly go out” for rest of your life and Covid is going to be around for a long time. Covid (as you know) can be extremely serious and indeed deadly. To take some of that stress away is wonderful.

Am not saying once vaccinated I won’t still be extremely careful. And plenty of things I am no way ready to do. But does help relax me.

Sugar246 in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy,Thanks for taking the time to reply to my concerns. Much appreciated.

I got the Pfizer one and that is the one that triggers allergic reactions. They monitor you for a set amount of time after. If you have existing severe allergies they will get you stay for longer observation. One of my colleagues does a day a week at one of the mass clinics and there have been no issues.

I had no fear of getting it as I know that they are taking precautions and ultimately the risks with covid is a lot worse than the tiny risk of an allergic reaction.

Sugar246 in reply to Dogruff

Thank you Dogruff. Stay safe


I have had the AstraZeneca vaccine back in February and all went ok. I was like you very concerned about the reaction as I suffered an adverse reaction 3 years ago to something else, so was worried if the vaccine would give me another reaction.

I only got mild symptoms and recovered in 3 days.

I am an asthmatic along with hay fever have eczema too and further issues.

When you book your vaccine and you go, the nurse will ask you questions and they probably will bring a doctor on site whether you're ok to have the vaccine. That what they did with me. 👍🏽

Sugar246 in reply to Mainey6

Thank you Mainey6

I carry an epi pen and as such I needed to have the Astra Zeneca one at the hospital. I was observed for 30 minutes with no adverse reactions.

Sugar246 in reply to Pigpoo

Thanks for your respond Pigpoo

I think Pigpoo's reply answers your query. I have allergies though not severe. Lucky enough to have had Astrazeneca on the day, was asked "do you have allergies?" I answered "yes". Next question was "do you carry or need an epipen?" I answered "no" so I was allowed to have jab.

I consider my immune system to be good. I had mild flu symptoms for 48 hours and look forward to 2nd vaccination. In fact cannot wait!

Sugar246 in reply to peege

Thank you peege

peege in reply to Sugar246

In fact I'm sitting here thrilled to bits as just offered appointment for 2nd jab on Sunday. Woohoo

Hi Sugar. Do you have the annual flu vaccine? If you can tolerate that I suspect you can tolerate the Astra Zeneca vaccine. You may get flu like symptoms for 24 hours and a sore arm, but I found a couple of paracetamol and lots of sleep really helped me. After that I felt really well and, if any thing, I didn't have to take Ventolin for a few weeks (most unusual).

Arrangements are already underway to deliver a booster vaccine in the autumn and it's likely we will have more next year. So the virus isn't going away and we need to protect ourselves, especially if we are clinically vulnerable.

I heard the stats this morning in respect of serious side affects, something like 1 in 600,000. That's better odds than many asthma meds or surgery. I'm getting my second vaccine on 17th and can't wait. BTW, all the staff at our vaccination centre couldn't have been nicer and caring - you will be well looked after.

Sugar246 in reply to Poobah

Hi Poobah,No. I don't take the flu jab.

Thanks for your response.

I have chosen not to have the vaccine for the time being. There is advice out there not to take it if you are known to have anaphylactic reaction to a med or to food. And I do, being a severely atopic person. (sorry can't find the link now).

Dottie2011 in reply to Elspe

You're being very wise!!!!! 👍👍👍

Sugar246 in reply to Dottie2011

Hi Dottie2011Thank you

Sugar246 in reply to Elspe

Hi Elspe,Thank you

Hi Sugar, I have asthma, eczema and hay fever. My arm was sore for a couple of days after taking the vaccine. But I had no allergic type reactions. Their form asks about allergies. But they are only really concerned about severe allergic reactions.

I tend to agree with those who have commented that the vaccinations should allow you to return to a more normal life.

Good luck.

Thank you PaulRosedene

Same back to you.

Sugar246 in reply to Londinium

Hi Londinnium,What is this all about. I don't get it.

Same back to you. 👎🏼

Sugar246 in reply to Londinium


Hi Londiniun, thanks you so much.I didnot received your wonderful advice.

Please ignore those kind of people.

We have enough stress in our lives to worry about people who are not kind and thoughtful.

Take care and once again thank you so much.

Londinium in reply to Sugar246

You're welcome.🌠But it is a worry if the very mention of nutrients is now considered to be in the same ballpark as narcotics.😕That is a level of intolerance that I find unjustifiable.

Hey. I suffer with severe allergies to many different thing and like you, was nervous (mainly about having an anaphylactic reaction though). I knew I wanted the vaccine but got plenty of advice beforehand.

I spoke to my AN, she checked with my Asthma Specialist and I also checked with my immunologist. I’ve had both vaccines doses, both were Pfizer, and I’ve been fine. The information that I was given was that the concerns regarding allergies are if you have allergies several medicines (amongst my list of severe allergies, I’m only allergic to one med) but they reassured me at the centre by asking me to wait around longer. The vaccine helpline was really helpful with my q’s too.

Try not to listen to things you’re seeing online, there’s a lot of scaremongering but do what feels right for you

Sugar246 in reply to MrsCMK

Hi MrsCMKThank you very much.

I hope you are doing well.

I am going to call the vaccine helpline.

Everyday I am worrying about the vaccine so I definitely need to make a decision. Have a lovely day.

I had the same situation as I’m anaphylactic allergic to a few things so I definitely couldn’t have the Pfizer so I had the Oxford and did have a mild reaction and awful side effects but they were wonderful and dealt with it well. I’m happy I had it because I feel protected but it’s definitely a personal choice. I had mine over a month ago abs it’s taken me until now to feel right again and then my asthma has flared up again (gone back on steroid tablets) but I wouldn’t be put off because of allergies or sensitivities but it is completely your choice.

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