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Significant reduction in Ventolin inhaler use after Astra Zenica Covid vaccination.

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I had my first Astra Zenica covid vaccination about a month ago so after a lifetime of Ventolin and/or Salbutamol inhaler use, I do not see how it can be a coincidence that my reliance on the aforementioned inhalers has gone from several times a day to maybe once a week or less. I still take my preventer once in the morning, once at night and nothing else has changed in my lifestyle but my Ventolin reliance just went away the day after my vaccination. My repeat prescription for a Ventolin inhaler is now due but I've hardly used the one I've got and I wonder if anyone else has experienced such a sudden improvement in their Asthma situation.

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I've had the same, though I did think it was a coincidence. I had my vaccine 7 weeks ago and I would say the positive affects only lasted about 6 weeks. Here's hoping the second dose of the vaccine has the same effect, then I'll be more convinced it wasn't a coincidence. I've got non-eosinophilic asthma.

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42pins in reply to Poobah

If Covid is actually "the new flu" and the annual flu jab is effectively a Covid booster, it's got to be very good news for the asthma sufferers who's reliance upon Ventolin has been diminished.

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LysistrataCommunity Ambassador in reply to 42pins

I'm a bit confused by what you mean here? COVID and flu are caused by different viruses from different viral 'families'. So the flu jab isn't going to do anything to protect against COVID and isn't likely to have any effect on asthma in itself, even if the COVID one did. Though obviously you should still get a flu jab because catching flu is likely to make asthma worse.

Or were you referring to the idea that people might need regular booster jabs for COVID every year like with flu, adapted for any new strains?

btw I had Pfizer and sadly it didn't help my asthma! If only...

No, not me. I use Ventolin more than I used to, nothing to do with the jab, but cold winter temperatures and a spot of redecorating at home - and remembering and allowing myself to use it as needed.

I had my vaccine 4 weeks ago and I started deteriorating about 10 days ago so am now reluctantly on a short course of pred. So mine didn’t improve but I don’t feel the vaccine worsened it either. I personally believe it’s coincidental - but I hope your improved period last as long as possible for you whatever the reason x

I had the Pfizer last month but I’ve just had a course of steroids so I actually deteriorated. Unrelated the the vaccine though.

There are reports that people with long covid improving after the vaccine.

I wonder is there a reduction of stress after getting the vaccine which then reduces asthma symptoms?

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twinkly29 in reply to Dogruff

Good point about stress. Also anxiety - which can not only trigger asthma in some people but also mimics it.

I’d read this in the newspaper about people’s asthma improving, I’m glad it helped you. I had mine a couple of weeks ago and haven’t needed my ventolin although it coincided with the time that I started the nasal breathing techniques as well so I’m not sure what to attribute the success to. If the jab helps even some asthma sufferers it’s brilliant news. I think maybe it has s9mething to do with the jab kicking the immune system into action.

If, and it's a big if, the Oxford AZ vaccine affects asthma positively in some way, I wonder if it depends on the type of asthma one has?

42pins what type of asthma do you have? I have non-eosinophilic asthma and have a sub type within that. I shall keep a diary of symptoms & Ventolin use before and after my second vaccine just to satisfy myself that there is a significant improvement.

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Glty in reply to Poobah

There's also been quite a few reports of vaccination dramatically improving long covid symptoms so I wonder if some of the reported asthma improvement might actually be undiagnosed long covid improving?

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Poobah in reply to Glty

I've not had covid as I've been shielding since last April, unless I had covid earlier than that and didn't notice. My Ventolin use has been unchanged for a few years so not having to use it is definitely an unexpected change.

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twinkly29 in reply to Glty

This is a good pondering (in my head anyway!)

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Glty in reply to twinkly29

I'm crossing my fingers and desperately hoping it might be true for me (I don't think it is though 😞).

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twinkly29 in reply to Glty

Maybe you need your 2nd vaccine as well to give it more of a boost (I will send "bog off long covid" vibes your way. You've definitely done your time by now!!)

Oh 42 pins welcome to the new club for vaccine reduction Ventolin use I had my jab on 13th February and had a full month free from using mine looks like a few other people have had the same now my doctors have set up an asthma plan for me 1st time since I have had asthma for 20 yrs better late than never though hope your all keeping safe


This is really good to hear. I had my AZ vaccine last thursday - 2 days of fever symptoms, raised heart rate and ocassional dry cough, then a week of dizziness and gradually much better. During that week, i hardly used my reliever inhaler - maybe the increased adrenaline helps in someway? but now my asthma symptoms are returning slightly and a couple of nights this week. I also changed to a new preventer a week before my vaccine, so hard to tell which it could be having the positive effect. However, a few weeks ago the pollen count was very high, so im thinking that could be part of it. If the vaccine also has a positive effect on asthma then thats brilliant news

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