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COPD and covid vaccine

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Hi I am 58 and have moderate COPD and have been concerned that I have not yet been called in for the covid vaccination yet so I enquired with the booking centre and was told I have been put in group 8 for the vaccine surely I should be included in group 6 . Please could anyone offer some advice on this.

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That doesn’t sound right

Perhaps discuss with your GP and/or the friendly Asthma Uk help line

I think Asthma UK have a letter that might help

Good luck!

Just read that people in your age group can now book for vaccine so should be able to book now.

It depends on your your gp surgery. I am 41 with mild controlled asthma and had my first vaccine yesterday. I know another person who is 35 yrs and was invited as well she has mild asthma and eczema but was from another surgery. I am in Bucks and it seems covid vaccine was being offered to people who get free flu vaccine. Hope you get yours soon.

On news today, people in your age group now can book their 1st vaccination. Contact NHS Vaccination Services

Try the website at

As others have said, you should be getting your invite soon. I’m 59 and got mine yesterday. But as someone else has pointed out, if you know your NHS number you should be able to book online now - if you’re in England - even if you haven’t had your invite.

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