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Parents and children needed to join patient advisory group for TREAT paediatric severe asthma trial (66 months)


Is your child between the ages of 6-12? Do they have severe Asthma? Professor Sejal Saglani, researcher at Imperial College London, is leading an exciting project which may lead to new treatments available for children with severe asthma. You and your child have the opportunity to be involved in the Patient Advisory Group (PAG), to ensure the research is relevant to children with severe asthma and addresses key unmet needs.

The PAG is looking for parent-child pairs, where the child is between ages 6-12 and has severe asthma. The group are involved in quarterly teleconferences and the next one is planned for February 2021. A Doodle poll will be shared to determine the best date among the interested parties.

The group would also normally meet face-to-face 1 day a year at Imperial College London to meet the trial team. However, this is on hold as a result of the pandemic.

To find out more and to register your interest, please email Dan Woolf at

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