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Biological treatments


I had some blood test to see if I meet the criteria for biologocal asthma treatments, my cons told me my eosinophils count needs to be 0.3 or above and my last count in October was 0.4. My cons didn't say in my letter wether I qualify or not with this result and wants to do my tests in a few months and they will make a decision. Does anyone know if 0.4 is high enough?

When I spoke to my cons over the phone he said my blood test for eosinophils was normal but my letter says 0.4 so I'm a bit confused.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

0.4 should be high enough so it may be worth calling your con to double check your letter was correct.

For more info about the MABs and the eos count needed for each;

Hope this helps

And that you get your answer soon!

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